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Top 10 sellers at Proleno for December 2007

1. American Bagel Slicer.

Bagel slicer
Having appeared in 'The OC' (see video) this useful gadget has become a must have for the safety-conscious bagel lover.

2. Set of 6 Zack Cult Magnets.

cult magnets
These popular magnets are great when matched with a sleek Zack magnetic board such as the Percetto in position 4 - or pinning the children's art on the fridge!

3. Wall-Mounted Zack Foccio Soap Dispenser

Stainless steel soap dispenser
The mirror-polished finish is a clear favourite for chic bathrooms. Of course you can use it for more than soap - shower gel, hand cream or body lotion can all be used (though perhaps not at the same time!)

4. Zack Percetto Magnetic Board (Large)

magnetic board
Durable stainless steel replaces the traditional cork and pins - notice-boards that you'll want to look at.

5. Zack Duplo Circular Towel Hook

self-adhesive hook
OK - we all need hooks, but they don't always look as good as this. What's more, you don't need to wield a drill - it's self-adhesive.

6. Bialetti Moka Easy (6-cup)

Electric espresso maker
Who doesn't love a cup of freshly made espresso? Bialetti is the master when it comes to espresso makers and this electric version of the classic stove-top makes it even easier.

7. Zack Straw Spoon

straw spoon
It doesn't have to be Christmas to enjoy a cocktail, just make it complete with this combined stirrer and straw.

8. Zack Allessa Cookbook Stand

cookbook stand
Clearly all of those cookery programmes on TV are inspiring creativity in the kitchen. The Allessa cookbook stand will keep your recipe conveniently in view then, when you've finished creating that wonderful meal, it folds flat for storage.

9. Zack Cius Boston Shaker

cocktail shaker
For those who prefer shaken to stirred, the Cius cocktail shaker is the quality accessory at party time!

10. Set of 6 Alessi Heart Spoons

heart spoons
Designed by Miriam Mirri, this gift-boxed set of heart spoons is a popular gift for that special person in your life. Enjoy them with ice-cream in front of the fire.

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