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  • Twig Wins Gold!

    ilio TwigWe featured designer H. Demir Obuz's Twig stool/chair combo back in October 2008 and we are delighted to hear today that the design has just won Gold at the iF Product Design Awards 2009.ilio black diamondilio forest

    Congratulations from us all at blog:proleno to the designer and all at ilio where a successful 2009 seems to be the order of the day given that they also won Red Dot Design Awards for their Black Diamond armchair designed by Sule Koç and their glass stemware set Forest, again designed by H. Demir Obuz.

  • "This Way" by Torkel Döhmers

    We seem to be focussing on bikes at the moment. I wouldn't usually feature another bicycle quite so quickly but I just saw this and think that it definitely merits an airing! How fab is this?

    Conceptual? Yes. Sexy? Definitely! Practical? Time will tell I guess.

    This Way BikeTorkel Döhmers' "This Way" concept has just been chosen as the winning entry in the “Commuter Bike for the Masses” competition.

    Torkel comments "I have made an emphasis on automotive qualities in the design, to attract non-previous cyclists used to cars and motorcycles.

    Another selling point to attract more people to riding a bike, especially here in Europe, is weather protection - the bike has a roof!"

    Built in composite materials (carbon or flax fibre) and hydro-formed aluminium, this vehicle is very lightweight (approximate 11-12kg), has built-in LED lights front and rear powered by a rechargeable battery that gets its power from solar cells on the roof. The bike has a built-in belt drive. Riding position is lower than a traditional bike to keep a low centre of gravity and for optimal aerodynamics.

    This Way Bike ConceptIn the rear of the frame is a "luggage connector", where the user plugs-in his or her attaché bag. The design also benefits from flexibility and comfort for riders of different sizes, as the crankset and seat is adjustable in length and height.

    Although this design is more expensive to manufacture compared to its traditional rivals, it is still just a fraction of the buying price of cars and zero in running costs...

    On the basis of what I have seen so far I absolutely love it and might well be the first in the queue when and if it does go into production!

  • Cielos Wins Good Design Award 2008

    CielosBillings Jackson Design has won a Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum for the Cielos modular lighting system manufactured by Zumtobel.

    CielosCielos provides a simple method of designing, installing and maintaining luminous surfaces. It can be used in a range of applications from harmonious backdrop to dynamic light show. It replaces expensive bespoke installations and enables designers to customise an environment with ease.

    With offices in both London and New York Billings Jackson can be contacted at info@billingsjackson.com or via their website.

  • Josh Urso Design

    We stumbled across a great US designer today whilst trawling the world for design news of interest. The New Jersey based design studio was formed in 2002 by Josh Urso. Joined by Kim Bricker in 2005, the pair create functional designs that provoke curiosity, wonder and enjoyment of life. Josh finds inspiration in mechanical and industrial processes whereas Kim is inspired by the complexity of the natural world. Through experimentation, creative instinct and, frankly, pure genius they bring impossible designs to life!

    Knoop TableWe were particularly taken with their Knoop table range. Available in several sizes to cover standard dining, console and occasional table requirements as well as in custom made sizes and shapes Knoop (that's Dutch for "knot" by the way) tables are made using hundreds of feet of resin impregnated rope below half inch thick glass.

    More details of the Knoop as well as Urso's other fascinating designs can be seen at their website at www.joshursodesign.com

  • Sitting Ball

    I am not entirely sure what to make of this if I am honest but I can see that it does have its merits and could well work in the right environment. Austrian designers Tammo Claasse and Sophie Birkmayer from Vienna based Claassen & Partner have introduced the Sitting Ball. I guess you could say it does what it says on the tin!

    Sitting BallAs you can see the version shown is made from blue denim. It lends itself to being an office computer chair, a funky living room chair and/or can also be used as part of your daily exercise regime. The fabric finish is warm and comforting to sit on and is simply "different" if using the ball as a gym ball. Fully inflated it is approx 75cms in diameter. As they are handmade to order they are also available in different colours and fabrics, including leather.

    More details can be found at the company's website at www.claassen-partner.de.

  • Fly the Flag!

    Flag BagOur friends at Ecsotype continue in their quest to bring us designer flair from downunder with this newly released extension to their exquisite collection! And when we say newly released we mean today, 17th December! How's that for hot off the press?

    Flag is a collapsible utility bag that will say so much about its wearer and stands in a league apart from the various other utility bags currently available on the high street.

    I was given a sneak preview and I loved it! Manufactured from high grade New Zealand leather, it is assembled from two flat panels and features a large internal cell with a smaller secondary pocket.

    Flag can be worn off the shoulder or across the body, fully extended for maximum internal space, or folded in half for maximum portability. Now that's what I call a real utility bag!

    Flag Bag
    Flag is not inexpensive but, as with so much in life, you get what you pay for and this bag is worth every penny, cent or euro!

    It's so new that you won't find it in a shop near you just yet but its available online directly from Ecsotype.

  • Michael Rottmar: Living Innovation

    German designer Michael Rottmar recently founded Miroco to develop innovative products for furniture and living areas.

    L1 Interplay of LightHe says "Harmonious compositions of light, material and shape create new high quality themes for furnishing in many living areas.

    For Miroco it's important to create these by using new technology, combining interesting themes and thereby creating new impetuses.

    Special attention is paid to the changeability of products and everyone should have the chance to act upon the product individually and so create new moods. That's what we mean by Furniture with a Personality."

    We wholeheartedly agree!

    We love his L1 Interplay of Light.

    L1 uses innovative LED technology not to replace existing lighting, but to use the full potential of the extraordinary possibilities of LED with regard to light and colour. L1 can be varied through the flexible method of establishing placement through magnet contacts and gives out a new and exciting light every time. This is achieved not only by the individual LED colours – depending on the combination the colours are mixed to inspiring compositions or sober gradients.

    See Michael's other exciting and innovative designs at his website.

  • Skylimo

    German designer Karsten Willmann has won a Red Dot Concept Award for his Skylimo child restraint for use in commercial aircraft. Although not launched yet and still in the final stages of development, this baby seat is based on modern flight seats, with three-point belts, offering the opportunity to secure the child in front of its parent.

    skylimoPhysical contact between parent and child has many advantages: the child is calmed by the contact with his or her parent, and other airline passengers will be disturbed less, so we're all winners! And, importantly, if there is an emergency, the parent is able to leave the aircraft as quickly as the other passengers.

    Further details can be seen at Karsten's website.

    We'll let you know when we hear of the product launch!

  • Have bench, will travel!

    Now here's a Christmas gift idea that's a bit "off the wall". We're only kidding as this is possibly not going to be your Christmas gift of choice but we just spotted this new design and had to share it!

    From Dutch designer Rogier Martens, this garden bench comes complete with wheelbarrow-style wheel for easy moving. Clever idea and really quite practical.

    mobile benchThere is not too much more to say really as the picture speaks for itself. His website is in Dutch but we guess that Rogier probably speaks good English so if anyone is interested in an unusual garden addition get in touch via his website!

  • The Fesscap Hat

    FesscapTurkish designer Erdem Akan has merged Middle Eastern tradition with European and American style in his Turkish Reforms Collection.

    His Fesscap caught our eye. Inspired by the traditional fez and combined with elements of the baseball cap, Fesscap aspires to becoming the "hat of the century", according to Erdem.

    Handmade from a mixture of wool and felt, in addition to traditional red it is also available in black, white and purple. With the winter months now descending upon us we can see this stylish bit of headgear being a real winner.

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