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  • American Chateau Room One

    american chateau room oneJaime Hayón and artist Nienke Klunder are collaborating on an exhibition of furniture and art pieces inspired by 17th-century European crafts.

    The show, American Chateau Room One, will run from 11 September to 22 October at Spring Projects Gallery, 10 Spring Place, London NW5.

  • Own A Banksy Style Stencil Graffiti Artwork On Canvas

    Art By People has launched a new and creative range of hand sprayed graffiti stencils on canvas art.

    Gordon Brown Banksy GraffitiFresh from the diligent and creative types at Art By People, a unique range of artworks on canvas using the graffiti technique popularised by the street artist Banksy and launched to coincide with Banksy's biggest ever UK show in Bristol.

    Before the launch of the The Stencil Factory co-operative you might scour the internet looking for something different on canvas but the only so called ‘art’ available would be from galleries selling canvas prints taken from stencil graffiti (not the actual hand sprayed stencils themselves). The Stencil Factory values the feeling of an artwork that clearly shows the bumps and lumps of the paint on canvas. The individual sweeps of the spray can over the cotton surface and chunky frame.

    Heath Ledger Joker Banksy GraffitiNew designs are added weekly to their store but currently they range from the iconic Heath Ledger Joker portrait to the more comical political takes on Gordon Brown's current precarious position. You can also commission them to create a complete one-off portrait of a friend or loved one.

    Each Art By People hand cut stencil will last for about 5 canvases so what you see and own is unique. Some designs are total one-off’s, depending on the mood of the artist on the day. The final canvas is then branded with a sprayed on ‘Art By People’ logo on the side wall to give that contemporary cool finish.

    Get in quick and view the new range of stencils on Canvas Art at www.artbypeople.co.uk.

  • Mariscal - Drawing Life

    Javier MariscalThe Design Museum, London, presents the first UK retrospective of Spanish designer and artist Javier Mariscal. Regarded as one the world’s most innovative and original designers of our time, Mariscal’s rich and diverse body of work spans kooky cartoon characters to stunning interiors, from furniture to graphic design and corporate identities.

    The exhibition and graphics will be designed by Mariscal, promising an immersive experience for the visitor into the world and mind of Mariscal. The exhibition space will be a fully illustrated environment, rich with orchestrated scenarios and installations, each telling the story of Mariscal's pivotal projects, designs and the drawings that shaped them. Sketches, designs, films and photographs will be on display alongside furniture and textiles. Mariscal will also design and paint an elaborate mural for the exterior of the Design Museum showcasing his unique vision and signature design style.

    Mariscal cartoonMariscal’s intense relationship with drawing and illustration is central to his career and has become the basis for his designs over the last 30 years. He gave Barcelona its graphic identity as it emerged from the Franco era, illustrating a sunny and optimistic city full of possibilities. In 1992 he introduced the world to Cobi, the official Olympic mascot of the Barcelona games. Mariscal has designed furniture for leading manufacturers such as Moroso and Magis, created interiors for bars and hotels as well as a retail and graphic identity for Camper and the interior of the recently opened H&M flagship store in Barcelona.

    Painter, filmmaker, ceramist and designer, Mariscal’s work is shaped by a unique personal vision, a designer who doesn’t just observe the world but tries to shape it.

    1 July – 1 November 2009

  • A Challenge from Colin Heavingham

    Colin HeavinghamPrivate exhibition of my paintings at undisclosed address!

    ...another exhibition over and still the youth of today cannot recognize painting as an art. It is a digital culture, consumed with celebrity status.

    After my 10 second installation at Bayswater, I will follow that in September with a private exhibition at an undisclosed address.

    See if you can find it. Then we know you have an interest in painting!

    See you there.

    This one is titled "The Incomplete Works".

    It is a cruel attempt to ridicule the world and its mercenary work ethic tastes. A direct cartoon of the male at its most aggressive and cunning. The danger and greed of a male ego all portrayed in paint as two simple animals, the fox and the bird.

    Up for the challenge?

  • U.F.O.: Blurring the Boundaries Between Art and Design

    Where does design end and art begin? Charles Eames, the most influential designer of the mid-twentieth century, said that:

    'Design is an expression of purpose. It may, if it is good enough, later be judged as art.'

    HomeworkContemporary young designers see the matter more pragmatically. According to the Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, ‘there is no longer a clear border between product design and art.’ The most recent answer to this question is inherent in the new phrase ‘design-art’.

    Artists like Franz West and others investigate the changing functions of sculpture and in so doing dissolve the borders between art and design, between 'free' and 'applied' creation, by allowing hybrids from other areas to develop. In the field of design, on the other hand, designers like Ron Arad or Marc Newson are increasingly discovering the sculptural qualities of design. RemyThey are distancing themselves from a conditionality of design - namely its function and the inherent possibility of reproducing something any number of times - and are creating unique items or small editions. The borders between ‘fine’ and ‘decorative’ art is becoming more blurred.

    U.F.O.: Blurring the boundaries between art and design
    Exhibition from May 23 2009 to July 5 2009
    NRW-Forum Kultur und Wirtschaft
    Ehrenhof 2, 40479 Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Through Other Eyes – Contemporary Art from South Asia

    The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery in Swansea is to unveil its newest exhibition presenting a selection of drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs and films by emerging artists from India and Pakistan.

    through other eyesThe selected works show artists seeking to redefine their place in the world at a crucial stage in the cultural life of India and Pakistan, with each artist negotiating the legacy of their respective regional cultural traditions and the rising pressure to embrace globalisation as an emblem of progress, modernity and a better future.

    It also includes works by contemporary artists to challenge the assumptions on which we decide what qualifies as 'contemporary art'. None of the work has been shown outside India or Pakistan before.

    It is curated by Gerard Mérmoz who undertook a three month journey from Kochi in India to Lahore in Pakistan via Bangalore, Mumbai, Bhopal, Vadodara, Delhi, Kolkata and Santiniketan.

    The exhibition runs from 9 May – 5 July with the preview evening on 8 May at 7pm. For more information visit http://www.glynnviviangallery.org or telephone 01792 516900.

    Through Other Eyes is a Touring Exhibition from the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry.

  • Sweet FA

    Yes, I thought what you are possibly thinking when I saw this but it soon became apparent that Sweet FA is an exhibition presenting five recent post-graduates from the Wimbledon College of Art. Within their work, each artist independently considers and explores the notion of viewer recognition with the ensuing concept of comprehension. Yet the exciting diversity of these five artists arises from their thematic and technical juxtapositions.

    sweet faSaffa Barkhordar’s work is derived from a collection of decorative objects and elements from nature that she merges together to create an imagined world. Natural sources, such as flora, fauna and fungi are entwined and repeated. These motifs organically grow, multiplying across the paper’s surface to form something distinct, unknown and strange.

    Henry Maber is concerned in his work with the attribution of meaning; how we as viewers organise visual phenomena to make sense of it. His work pools materials and methodologies from different sources to confound easy reading, but also leaves the trail of an investigative and experimental thought process.

    Leah Clough looks at how organic forms found in plant and animal life can inspire the other-worldly. Her drawings are about embellishment and building up an accumulation of lines which work together as an expanding image that evolve on paper into something almost animalistic.

    Wang Ip Sszto challenges the viewer with the experience of landscape, whether physical or virtual. The created landscapes can still be recognised by the viewer as they hold common points of reference. His work brings up questions of memories of a place, which can be seen as an incipient observation and expression. Wang aims to show that memories locked in places and landscapes can be powerful tools to stimulate the spectators own memories and imagination.

    Louise Robinson’s current work is inspired by both personal experience and the recent catastrophic events that have swept Australia. Images which have previously seemed visually idyllic now hold an unsettling calmness when contrasted with the chaos of today.

    The exhibition takes place at London's Red Gate Gallery.

  • The Verité Gallery

    Worthing, UK's finest contemporary art gallery!

    Big Ben paintingThe Verité gallery is an exciting art gallery offering contemporary fine art original paintings and limited edition prints. The gallery, located in West Sussex, was set up in 2007 and has a fabulous collection of paintings, glassware and ceramics.

    To own a piece of high quality original artwork has long been an impossible dream for many art lovers. However, in recent years priorities have changed and people have begun to see the possession of unique collector's items as an investment. The Verité Gallery offers an eclectic cross section of the best artists and artwork, bringing access to an unrivalled portfolio of fabulous contemporary originals.

    The Verité Gallery supplies a comprehensive range of DeMontfort Fine Art paintings as well as the work of local artists. Verité also offers photography, ceramics, glassware and greetings cards.

    With interest rates at an all time low, now really is the time to invest money in artwork!

    Sparkling seas paintingVerité is a fresh, contemporary art Gallery offering fine art paintings, limited editions, glassware and ceramics to clients throughout the local area. The gallery, has a fabulous collection of artists such as Duncan MacGregor, Henderson Cisz, Greg Hart, Rebecca Lardner, Sherree Valentine Daines and many more.

    Further details can be seen at their website or, of course, by visiting the gallery.

  • Jason Yarmosky: Orpheus

    Orpheus, Jason YarmoskyNew York City-based painter Jason Yarmosky's latest series, "Orpheus", is the young artist's starkly realist take on the epic story. Over the course of eight narrative panels, the well-known Greek myth unfolds in Yarmosky's world of charcoal, gesso and tea felt. There are, however, a few tweaks to the original story.

    Orpheus's resemblance to Bob Dylan is no mistake. Yarmosky explains that Dylan, like Orpheus, is a crusader for truth who was not afraid to venture into hell to find his muse. To take the adaptation a step further, this is not the hero's usual descent into the Underworld as it happens in the original. Instead, he is in the unlikely setting of West Berlin during the sixties, seeking passage to the communist East side to find his girl. By placing his hero in the historical backdrop of a city that was for so long a literal rift in human ideology, Yarmosky re-articulates the myth's theme of the human struggle to reconcile good with evil, life with death and art with making a living.

    Yarmosky explains that he made these choices because,

    ...the struggle to let ourselves shine through regardless of the setting is timeless. Orpheus, like Bob Dylan, isn't just a gifted artist. He represents anybody, everybody. To find love while in hell is something that we all deal with on a daily basis.

    Yarmosky's Orpheus is a thoughtful interpretation, juxtaposing history and place with a style that conveys the grit of the scene with an attention to less literal uses of texture and shadow.

    Orpheus and more of his work is available for purchase on his website.

  • WHITEWALL, Milton Keynes

    The Centre MKMilton Keynes Contemporary - WHITEWALL @ thecentre:mk presents a new work by British photographer Marko Dutka.

    So, you can shop 'til you drop and get a bit of culture, all in one!

    The project is a collaboration with ‘classic’ model Daphne Selfe, a supermodel of her profession, entitled “Portrait of Genius” and runs from 21 March – 17 May.

    The concept behind the exhibition is to produce a set of images that refer to Old Master paintings and the notion of Genius. However, the intent of the work is to question the real meaning of the word as it is a male specific term and can’t semantically be applied to women.

    Marko said “By using Daphne I’ve been able to investigate ongoing concepts of the male exclusivity of genius and question the status of the male gaze and the female object. The subject has influenced Western society’s pre-conceptions of gender roles throughout the history of art.

    Also the exhibition investigates the lineage of fashion photography and its historic links to fine art painting, a subject which is central to my practice.”

    Daphne SelfeDaphne Selfe has a wide-ranging profile having been photographed by photographers including Rankin and Nick Knight. She has appeared in the UK TV series ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ and in Will Young’s Video for ‘Light My Fire’. She has also been photographed for a variety of designer campaigns including Moschino and she was photographed by Mario Testino for Dolce & Gabbana. Meanwhile, Marko has exhibited in National and International publications and books and won 36 major photography awards since 2004. He was nominated for the British Professional Fashion photographer of the Year in 2006 and his work has been exhibited widely including the RWA's ‘Through the Lens exhibition’ in 2008 and several times with the Royal Photographic Society.

    For more information on past and future WHITEWALL exhibitions please visit www.miltonkeynescontemporary.co.uk. A catalogue accompanies this exhibition and is available from Waterstones Bookshop in thecentre:mk, or directly from the WHITEWALL Website.

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