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bagel slicer

  • Bagel Slicing in Style

    Following on from the huge success of Larien's original and ever popular bagel guillotine, presumably brought about by the recent sudden surge of interest and new found love of bagels, manufacturer Larien has introduced a special edition black and chrome version designed to co-ordinate with the modernist and contemporary 21st century kitchen where blacks, greys, steel and chrome are more the order of the day.

    Black and Chrome Bagel Slicer

    Black and Chrome Bagel Slicer

    With the same superior slicing performance, easy clean-up and safety features as the original white model, this new colour offers an elegant and upscale alternative.

    Pace-setting online retailer Proleno, the leading bagel slicer retailer in the UK again jumps to the fore by being, at the time of writing, the first and only UK retailer to have this model available.

    Proleno, on the web at www.proleno.com, on the phone on 0207 965 7199

  • Bagel Slicers Are Back!

    bagel slicerThe recent bagel guillotine drought is over. Proleno now has new stock, just in from the US manufacturer.

    The famous Bagel Biter from Larien, made famous by the likes of 'The OC' and 'Will and Grace', has been in short supply.

    A UPS truck, filled to the gunnels with boxes of the natty little kitchen device, rolled up to the Proleno warehouse this morning. So all is well in bagel world again. There is currently plenty of stock but as Proleno is the only UK retailer with stock this may not be the case for too long!

  • Perfectly Sliced Bagels - This Time and Every Time!

    American bagel slicerLarien's iconic bagel slicer, the Bagel Biter, as featured here some months ago, has been a triumph and continues to go from strength to strength.

    Seen on screen in both "The O C" and "Will & Grace" and helped along by the recent revival in popularity of the bagel itself, the Bagel Biter is a firm favourite and a must-have item in today's kitchen.

    Two new versions, designed for commercial use, although both perfectly at home in domestic kitchens, have now come to the UK and Proleno is delighted to be the first and, currently, only supplier of these new guillotines.

    Commercial Bagel BiterThe Commercial Bagel Guillotine® is the industrial strength big brother of the popular domestic American Bagel Guillotine.

    Constructed to meet the rigorous demands of the commercial world, this slicer is perfect for slicing higher volumes of bagels than would be usual in a home environment.

    It also features the Smartblade™ replacement cartridge allowing the user to replace the blade later in its life so that the unit continues to slice at optimal efficiency giving perfect results every time!

    Commercial Bagel Biter PlusThe other addition to the bagel slicing family is the Commercial Bagel Guillotine PLUS, also from Larien.

    The Commercial Bagel Guillotine® PLUS is all new and is the perfect, safe and easy to use bagel slicing tool for wherever customers & staff slice bagels.

    Recommended for use in any self service or "slice to order" environment including coffee shops, hotel and restaurant breakfast buffets, office breakrooms, bed and breakfasts etc.

    As with the standard commercial slicer the PLUS also features the Smartblade™ replacement blade cartridge.

    The Commercial Bagel Biter PLUS and the SmartBlade PLUS are NSF certified for Health and Safety.

    The complete range is available online from Proleno.

  • This Year's Must-have Kitchen Gadget!

    Bagel slicerThe bagel is back in fashion. Whether its because of its semi-starring role in TV show "The OC" or whether its simply down to a recent advertising campaign for New York Bagels is difficult to say but one thing that we know for sure is that the bagel is king right now and sales of bagel guillotines, especially the one featured in The OC, have rocketed. Its fast approaching iconic status and appears to be this year's must-have kitchen accessory.

    Both simple and safe to use, you end up with a perfectly sliced bagel and no need to go reaching for the Elastoplast!

    Dishwasher safe, a good guarantee, expensive enough to mean something but inexpensive enough to not require a new mortgage, plus a lovely gift box, makes this a great Christmas gift too. But, if your other half is hankering after something that sparkles this won't cut the mustard. On the other hand, its a great gift for a friend or a sibling!

    Available from Proleno.

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