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  • The Folding Plug

    Min-Kyu Choi has been awarded the Brit Insurance Design Award 2010 at London's Design Museum.
    Design Award for Folding Plug
    The 'Folding Plug' has won the product design category of the Brit Insurance Designs Awards, the Oscars of the design world, which showcase the most innovative and forward thinking designs from around the world.
    Folding Plug
    The UK Folding Plug transforms from a bulky three-pin plug into a portable, hassle-free plug ideal for people on the go. When not in use, the UK Folding Plug transforms into a 10 mm-thick flat object.

    A product range built around this design will be launched in 2010.

  • Haiti - Uniting Designers in Disaster

    ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) calls for design solutions in the face of the disaster in Haiti.

    Haiti Appeal

    In a global appeal following the devastation in Haiti, Icsid has launched a call to designers from all disciplines to unite in an open dialogue with international relief organisations to assess potential design-effective rehabilitation projects. In support of the UN’s efforts to help the Haitian people overcome challenges in relation to the country’s reconstruction plans, designers, academics and design students, as well as experienced developmental workers are encouraged to join the discussion and become a fan of the Uniting Designers in Disaster page on Facebook.

    Designers have a strong desire to support the relief effort. This forum is intended to help identify tangible opportunities and empower the design community to contribute to the cause.

    "As an international non-governmental organisation with over 50 years experience implementing projects of global appeal, Icsid is poised with the strategic understanding of the processes required by NGOs to develop and implement result-driven and effective initiatives," stated Icsid President Dr. Mark Breitenberg and Provost of California College of the Arts. "What we aim to do with the forum is engage designers to exchange information about initiatives and opportunities where they may contribute their design and problem solving skills. In addition, we are hoping that the dialogue between the design community, development workers and representatives from international agencies will subsequently facilitate relief efforts, such as those currently being prepared by the UN to help the people of Haiti meet long-term stabilisation and reconstruction objectives."

    Among its key mission statements, Icsid strives to provide an international platform for the design community to be heard as a powerful voice. Although active participation and contributions will continue on the Facebook page, in an effort to take immediate action, all information posted via the forum will be actively reviewed in order to select opportunities for immediate international activities.

    "This is a call to think in order to act," stated Breitenberg. "Our immediate goal is to gain a better understanding of the relief efforts needed in order to facilitate the development of design-led solutions that impact Haiti's quality of life."

    For more information, please contact:
    Andrea Springer
    t: +1 514 448 4949 ext. 232
    e: aspringer@icsid.org

  • Upcycling Envelopes

    Prieto Envelope

    Prieto Envelope

    Fascinated by the delicacy and diversity of the security pattern designs inside envelopes, Francisca Prieto has created some stunning origami wall hangings.
    These origami artworks are made up from hundreds of envelopes, meticulously cut and folded into intricate and interlocking forms. Francisca’s creation has transformed the ordinary life of this overlooked piece of paper into something exquisite and completely different.

    On show at London's Medcalf between 16th November and 24th December 2009.

  • Succulent Steel!

    Ever wanted to grow your own agave that needs no water and survives the frost outside? Designer makers Iron Vein have the answer in the form of their modular agave.

    Steel Agave from Iron Vein

    Steel Agave from Iron Vein

    Each leaf is galvanized hand forged steel and simply spikes into the ground. Add individual leaves, as you like, to create your own style and size of succulent steel.

    Perfect for adding structure to the winter garden.

    Agave shown is £800 including delivery. More details can be seen at www.ironvein.co.uk or call 01938 850380

  • Cinderella's Revenge

    Cinderellas Revenge

    Cinderella's Revenge

    Terry De Havilland is the ultimate Rock & Roll shoe designer. His haute couture shoes are lusted after; they are desired. They adorn the feet of beautiful women. They demand to be presented to the world on a pedestal, as they are, timeless works of art. Fiona Gall also loves De Havilland's shoes and in their honour created this fantastical chandelier ‘Cinderella’s Revenge’.

    Fiona, designer of the Emerald Faerie bespoke lighting collections, has now created a chandelier that encapsulates the luxury, glamour, customized finish and detail inherent in both her and De Havilland's bespoke creations. ‘Cinderella’s Revenge' reinterprets the design of his shoes echoing and celebrating the glamour of the fabrics and adornments, the shape of the 7-inch heels, and the very tools used to make them. It amplifies their theatrical presence.

    Inspired by this extravagant homage, De Havilland returned the compliment and designed a pair of shoes especially for Cinderella’s Revenge. With heels and bespoke leatherwork in gold & silver iguana skin, these shoes now form the apex of the chandelier. Suspended beneath the crown, the spotlit shoes hang surrounded by a curtain of tubular glass, metallic chain, Swarovski crystal, and other carefully crafted details. Miniature magnifying glasses add an Alice-in-Wonderland playfulness allowing viewers to take a closer look, admire the craftsmanship, the signature metalwork with an 8-ft drop and fibre optic illumination. The chandelier is a towering altar to the love of shoes. Its tubular glass fringes cause light to subtly fade amidst a trail of luxuriously covered heels, all elegantly trailing along the floor.

  • A Stylish Setting For Your Christmas Table

    Designer Francisca Prieto has created a stunning new addition to her range of contemporary accessories: The Bodoni Ornament Placemat and Coaster Set.

    The Bodoni Ornament Placemat and Coaster Set

    The Bodoni Ornament Placemat and Coaster Set

    This exquisite set of concentric circles comprises a placemat, coaster and smaller coaster, so you can use as one unit or scatter separately onto your table. Interested in typography, Francisca experimented with ornaments of the font Bodoni to create the delicate designs. The graphics have been screen-printed onto the enamel and by firing the piece at 830oC the design becomes embedded. The result is a surface that is incredibly hardwearing, with exceptional colour stability.

    Ideal for interior and exterior settings or perfect as a heat resistant protector for your table, they are a great gift idea for anyone passionate about unique, exclusive and decorative design classics.

  • Green Chair

    Green ChairDenmark's Anders Gordon has designed the simply named Green Chair although, interestingly, it's also available in white and orange. I have no idea if the chair's name changes according to your colour choice! Manufactured in aluminium it's a lightweight and really quite funky chair that would look great in an office reception or meeting room where you hope that your "sitter" will not hang around for too long as I can't imagine that it's the most comfortable of seats. That said, I haven't actually sat in one, so if anyone knows better do let us know!

  • Broken Glass Chandelier

    broken glass chandelierCanadian Éric Sauvé brings us his Broken Glass Chandelier. With an 80cms diameter it appears to be available in either green or clear glass. I can't find any price details but further information can be found at his website along with his contact details.

  • Selfportrait by Ka-Lai Chan

    Selfportrait Ka-Lai ChanSelfportrait is a graduation project based on the emotions and suppressed feelings experienced by Netherlands based Ka-Lai Chan. The chair expresses the designer’s own personality and character.

    Ka-Lai says:

    “In the past I have always found myself to be a quiet and introvert person. I suppressed my own emotions and didn't dare to show my feelings to other people. I was afraid that people would find me weird if I showed them the real me. It felt like there was something growing on me getting bigger and bigger like a tumour. I always tend to hide my personality, but on the other hand I want nothing more than to open up and just be myself.”

    Ka-Lai Chan is a 2009 graduate product designer from the Utrecht School of Arts. More details about this up and coming young designer can be found at her website.

  • Platone Uplighter

    platone uplightItalian designer, Filippo Protasoni, introduces the Platone, an indirect wall uplighter. Manufactured in a matt white painted thermoplastic moulded shell with an aluminium reflector and metal wall support. Also available with a fluorescent fitting.

    More details at http://www.prandina.it.

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