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  • Significant Price Reductions at Haddonstone

    Haddonstone, the UK’s leading manufacturer of fine garden and landscape ornaments, has completed a full costings review of its current ornament prices which has led to over 70 price reductions. The company has also absorbed the recent VAT price increase for both garden ornaments and fireplaces.

    As a consequence there is now an increased range of planters that cost less than £100 including the Plaited Basket, Belton Box, Etruscan Vase, House of Dun Urn and the Vine Urn. Also, the Small Key Planter is now only £15!

    Key Planter

    Haddonstone Key Planter

    Significant savings include the popular Bayeux Fountain which has been reduced from £1200 to £995 – saving more than £200!

    Simon Scott, Haddonstone’s Marketing Director, comments:

    “We have undertaken a full review of our production costs and are delighted to be able to pass on savings, wherever we can, to our clients. By also absorbing the recent VAT increase, we are pleased that customers can continue to buy quality products at sensible prices.”

    For more information visit www.haddonstone.com or call 01604 770711 to request a copy of the inspirational 208 page catalogue.

  • Lost Communication - With a Flower Show in Mind

    Cambridge (UK) garden designer Julian Askham has put himself up for the ultimate gardening challenge this year, the design of a Show Garden at the prestigious Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2009 (7-12 July).

    Lost Communication GardenLost Communication is the name of the garden designed by the Askham-Benson Design Co-op - a garden design and landscaping duo with an impressive back catalogue (including gold award in the Best Roof/Terrace/Penthouse Garden in the New Homes and Garden Awards 2008).

    The Show Garden design is inspired by the rapid development in the telecommunications industry and it's emergence as a vital part of communication throughout the modern world. Lost Communication communicates the way that nature can harmonise with modern technologies, and the power and resilience of nature to always shine through the adversity of modern life.

    RHS LogoTaking on the commitment of a Show Garden at the world's largest annual flower show is no mean feat, and is a costly affair for the young garden designers. They are looking for an investor "to help us realise our design at this prestigious event" in the extraordinary exposure that this type of project can give. There are unprecedented opportunities for a brand to align themselves to one of the nation's most passionate hobbies, a healthy and sustainable way of life, and of course to the RHS, the UK’s leading gardening charity.

    The design itself is based on an overgrown abandoned satellite graveyard in Cambridge. The clash of past industry and nature reclaiming the structures is the inspiration for the concept and this atmosphere is re-created in the garden 'Lost Communication'.

    “A few years ago I stumbled upon an abandoned satellite communications base near Cambridge and was inspired by the beauty of nature regaining control over the modern structures that had been placed there by man”.

    The garden uses similar industrial materials and rough wasteland planting. This design will undoubtedly turn heads. The established communication industry is built on people talking and interacting - this garden not only is the catalyst for such debate but on closer inspection is actually a small haven of life, beauty and balance amid its industrial scenery.

    For more information about Julian Askham, the Askham-Benson Design Co-Op and their garden designs visit www.jaskham.com.

  • Have bench, will travel!

    Now here's a Christmas gift idea that's a bit "off the wall". We're only kidding as this is possibly not going to be your Christmas gift of choice but we just spotted this new design and had to share it!

    From Dutch designer Rogier Martens, this garden bench comes complete with wheelbarrow-style wheel for easy moving. Clever idea and really quite practical.

    mobile benchThere is not too much more to say really as the picture speaks for itself. His website is in Dutch but we guess that Rogier probably speaks good English so if anyone is interested in an unusual garden addition get in touch via his website!

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