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Stainless Steel

  • New Thermal Bottle Cooler from Zack

    Contas Wine CoolerToday of all days is probably the silliest day to talk about chilling wine given that I awoke this morning to the deepest covering of snow that I have seen in many years!

    However, I do appreciate that its always the cocktail hour somewhere in the world and chances are that some lucky folk will be basking in early evening sun (or simply have the heating racked up!).

    So, its my pleasure to introduce Zack's new thermally chilled bottle cooler from their Contas range.

    Manufactured in 18/10 stainless steel with a brushed or satin finish this wine cooler has a solid, chunky and robust look about it that exudes quality and style.

    Contas insulated bottle coolerThe double insulated casing houses ice packs that you can keep in your freezer when not in use and these are easily slipped in to give an instant chill to your wine when needed.

    It's also quite slim being just 13cms in diameter so whilst it holds a bottle of wine nicely it also doesn't take up half of the table either, leaving room for nibbles!

    Available online from Proleno.

  • Magnetic Appeal

    Zack's Magnetic Soap Holder has been a staple in the Zack product stable for a number of years and has always sold incredibly well, probably because it's arguably the most stylish magnetic soap holder in the world. I know because I have looked and for the most part everything else is simply cheap and tacky and probably wouldn't stand the test of time (or use!). Marino Magnetic Soap HolderThe Zack Marino Magnetic Soap Holder, on the other hand, is manufactured in 18/10 stainless steel which is the best quality steel available, has a brushed or satin finish, is elegant and simple to look at with sleek lines and shouts quality. Simply put, it is head and shoulders above anything that might consider itself to be competition. No wonder its so popular!

    Savio Magnetic Kitchen TimerNow Zack has introduced a new magnetic product, the Savio magnetic digital kitchen timer. Mechanical kitchen timers have always been popular, as evidenced by Proleno's level of sales of them, so a move into "digital" will undoubtedly prove to be a success and judging by the number that were sold on the first day that the stock arrived at the Proleno warehouse we are confident that this new product will quickly move into Zack's best seller list!

    As with all Zack products it is made from 18/10 stainless steel and the added advantage of being magnetic means that it can be used close to wherever it's needed and doesn't clutter kitchen work surfaces, great if space is an issue (or you happen to be a messy cook!).

  • Bathroom Accessories

    civio toilet roll holderOnce Christmas and Boxing Day are over, the cold turkey in the fridge is past it's best and a day at the sales has finished us off completely, many people turn their thoughts to re-decorating. Often the bathroom is first on the list of things to occupy us during the cold months of January and February!

    Zack has several great ranges of bathroom fittings and accessories to finish off that freshly painted sanctuary and one of the more popular is the Civio Series. Its sleek brushed steel lines add an air of European sophistication that is hard to match when using brands of shall we say "less" quality.

    Civio hair dryer holderOffering a wide variety of items ranging from toilet roll holders to towel rails, shelves and hooks as well as a great shower basket and even a hair dryer holder the Civio Series from Zack really does cut the mustard without breaking the bank in these credit crunching times!

    Available online from Proleno.

  • Magnetic Notice & Memo Boards

    Appunto magnetic boardRemember the old days, long ago, when a notice board was a thin layer of cork often overlaid with felt? And those natty little pins with nasty coloured plastic covers? The epitome of style - or maybe not! And that is not even thinking about the times when the pins fell out and you ended up standing on one! Oh, for the good old days!

    Thankfully times have moved on and now we have styish notice boards, made of cool stainless steel with magnets to keep your notices, memos, bills, reminders and photos in place.

    Zack has a fabulous range of magnetic notice boards that look great and they work in both home and office environments.

    percetto magnetic boardThey have two designs, the Percetto, which is a plain and simple flat board, and the Bucato, which has an accented design in the form of small holes or indentations. Both work equally well, the difference being down to personal taste, and they are each available in two sizes.

    They work alone and they work in tandem. In fact, a number of advertisng agencies have effectively used them as tiles to create a completely magnetic wall, presumably for client presentations.

    A slightly different take is the Appunto which also comes with an integrated paper holder - ideal for scribbling quick notes by the telephone or shopping lists in the kitchen!

    Complete with all fixings (plus fitting instructions) these boards really work and certainly look the business!

    Magnets are available separately in a variety of styles although the most popular, by far, is the Cult Magnet Set.

    All available online from Proleno.

  • Keeping Smokers and Non-Smokers Happy!

    We found this customer review of the Zack Oletto Revolving Ashtray on Amazon at the weekend:

    Ideal for smoking gents who live with a fussy female!

    I was slightly reluctant to order this item due to its price but I have to say it is worth every penny...

    ...I have found the mechanism disposes of everything from large cigar butts to card and bits and pieces that is too much effort to reach for the bin, with 1 and maximum 2 plunges. Overall a good buy if you are looking to buy a good looking ashtray/mini bin that won't need replacing for many years and designed with a lot of care and attention to detail from Zack of Germany.

    Oletto Revolving ashtrayYou can read the full review here.

  • Zack Loft Towel Holder - Customer Review

    zack loft towel holder We always thought the Loft towel holder was a great idea. Designer stainless steel with no drilling required - you just have to be careful to place it carefully first time because the self-adhesive backing is very strong! We just received this impromptu message from a customer:

    Just a quick email to say that the Zack Loft towel holders are brilliant. They are stylish, easy to fix and very practical. No more towels on the floor! I have bought them before, will buy them again and recommend them to others without hestiation!
    Best wishes and thank you for your excellent service.

    So, no more excuses, get organised in the kitchen or bathroom! The Loft Towel Holder is available from Proleno for £6.95.

  • Classic Line kitchen accessories from Wesco

    Wesco kitchen accessoriesNew from Wesco, the Classic Line range brings retro style and colour to the kitchen. Constructed from powder-coated stainless steel, these designer products are chic and durable. Kettles, storage canisters, cookie boxes and bread bins are available now at Proleno. Other items in the range will be coming soon.

  • Now available - the multi kitchen roll holder from Zack

    multi kitchen roll holder Finally, Zack's Combo multi-roll holder is now on the shelves in Proleno's warehouse. Many are being dispatched today to fulfill pre-orders, but we have more stock on order! If you want more details or to buy this sleek and functional piece of kitchen equipment, click on the image to the right.

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