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Fin Radiators are Coming to a Home near You!

Fin radiatorCT Radiators of Brighton, East Sussex, is launching a new type of domestic radiator based around a clever ‘fin’ design not previously available for the home. The ‘Interlinking Lattice Fin Technology’ radiator (patent pending) – part heating implement, part example of stunning contemporary design - will be unveiled at the ‘100% Design’ exhibition, taking place on 18-21 September, 2008, at Earls Court, London.

After analysing the current market designs, Shane Mizra of CT Radiators developed a new fin technology ideal for use in the home, using his proprietary interlinking lattice fin technology.

The radiators come in seven different (as yet unnamed) designs and are aimed at architects, interior designers and private clients. Made in CT Radiators' workshop in Fishers Gate, Brighton, using advanced welding and robot technology, they can be tailored to exact space and heating requirements and can also be vertical - which was previously inefficient with fin designs. All radiators will be available in mild steel and stainless steel. They are finished with a powder coating, in any colour.

The fin radiator is Shane’s own ‘pet’ project, on which he has been working for the past two years. Trained as a coded welder – the highest qualification in the field – Shane has combined the traditional 100 year old craft with modern 3D technology to create a contemporary product.

Shane Mizra says: “My designs have several advantages over standard fin radiators. For starters, 15% more heat is generated than by the closet fin rival, which is a clear advantage for those who care about their carbon footprint. Furthermore, the radiators operate efficiently in the vertical position and the technology is flexible enough to allow for some fine and funky bespoke designs. Combining the best of form and function, the radiators are an ideal adornment for any modern home.”

The cost of a basic fin design is £2,000.

3 thoughts on “Fin Radiators are Coming to a Home near You!”

  • Hamish MacDunn
    Hamish MacDunn April 15, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    This looks really interesting, having one of these in the airing cupboard during the winter would be lovely. If it came out in chrome it would be the perfect match for this radiator we got from trade.

  • Pinakin Patel

    No No No No.
    It may be odd shaped and red but that does not make it stylish. Where do I hang my wet dripping towel?

    • Shane Mirza

      You hang your wet dripping towel anywhere on the radiator you like. If you go to you will be able to see the new hanging system that goes with the radiators.


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