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Winterproof your barbeques, bicycles and benches

As the days become shorter and cooler, it's time to move your barbeque, garden furniture and family bicycles into the garage or cellar for the Winter.

To save time and money next Spring it's worth taking a bit of care of these items now, so we've put together a few simple hints and tips to help.

The key thing is to clean everything before putting it away - and to completely remove all signs of rust.

The barbeque...

Heat and humidity cause the barbeque grill to degrade over the Summer, even in a poor one like we had this year!

dremelSo, to save pulling out the barbie next Spring and realising it's so rusty you have to replace it, give it a thorough clean before moth-balling it. The grill is probably filthy and rust tends to collect underneath as well! Dirt and rust are easily removed - take a look at the Dremel product range for some good tools for doing just this! Seal it using a high temperature tool. Then paint it using the correct metal paint for a barbeque available at your local DIY store.

With a little effort now, it's one less thing to worry about when you want to use it next Spring.

The bench...

We all love our furniture to be made of natural wood or metal, but there's a disadvantage. Sun, rain and wind cause metal furniture to age and rust. Find a sunny Autumn day on which to clean and remove rust from your furniture. Clean off the rust. You'll find it particularly collects in places such as seat backs or the feet of the chair - but it's easily removed!

Afterwards, apply the exposed metal with a coat of special protecting film which you will be able to find at your local DIY store - and when Spring arrives you'll be able to sit down in your terrace or garden straight away.

The bike...

Take care to prepare the family bicycles for the Winter break. A dry chain, dirt or rust not only spoil the fun on two wheels, but can become dangerous. After you've checked the screws, lights, brakes and wheels, the framework and surfaces can be polished with buffing wheels from the Dremel SpeedClic range. The small brushes and polishing heads can get into awkward places where no rag could reach, for example in the gear shift, brake assembly or the rim between the spokes. Small amounts of rust can be removed with a sharpening accessory. When you've finished this, the wheel and the chain should be treated with oil - to ensure the bicycle is ready for that first outing next year.

One thought on “Winterproof your barbeques, bicycles and benches”

  • Paul

    The best part of a barbie is the ingrained fat on the grill, why wash it off, it gets sterilised by the heat before adding the succulent, fat steaks. (Mouth drooling)


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