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Move Over Cupcakes: Decorated Cookies are set to take the UK by storm

cookieCupcakes: so last season sweetie. The hot new trend from the States making its way to our shores is decorated cookies. With the launch of world renowned cake designer Lindy Smith’s new book, Bake Me I’m Yours Cookie, a craze for decorated cookies is set to burst into our lives.

Fairy cakes and biscuits were taken by our American cousins, given a transatlantic twist, and are now being fed back to us as cupcakes and decorated cookies. Stateside, decorated cookies are used as gifts and treats where a longer lasting nibble is needed or where different shapes, sizes and colours are called for which cupcakes can’t provide.

Not to be beaten at our own game, Lindy has seized the opportunity with the launch of her new book to show how creative us Brits can be. Wannabe US Martha Stewarts stick to their tradition of using royal icing on cookies and are thus limited in the effects they can create. Lindy takes the blank canvas of a biscuit and turns it into a work of art through the use of sugar paste: check out her chapters on fashion-forward handbags and shoes, baby shower booties (another American invention which has really taken off over here), wedding favours, Christmas decorations and thank you gifts amongst other ideas.

You don’t need to be an expert to decorate a cookie. Lindy’s latest book gives you all the help and information you need step by step to create your own works of art. Recipes for vanilla cookies, gingerbread and spiced orange cookies are included as are recipes for sugarpaste, royal icing and buttercream. She’s even created her own range of cookie cutters priced from a little over £4.00 to help you create your very own masterpieces on sale at Lindy's website. Although if you don’t want to do any cooking but do want to bring out your inner Nigella, just buy some biscuits and use Lindy’s ideas to create a personal gift or treat for the tea-table.

“Decorating cookies is not only child’s play: cookies are all about having fun in your kitchen and creating gorgeous, tasty treats that everyone will love. When it comes to decorating cookies, the possibilities really are endless so I hope that you will be inspired not only to create some of my designs but also to invent some of your own to treat your friends, lighten up a work colleague’s day or spoil your family” explains Lindy.

Lindy is running the UK’s first decorated cookie workshops on Friday 7th November, ‘Designer Cookies’, and Friday 12th December, ‘Cookies for Christmas’, at Aston Clinton Baptist Hall, Buckinghamshire, at a cost of £85 each. To reserve your space, please call 01296 623906 or visit her website.

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