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Sabine Pound

Book BagWe love all things Ecsotype! Regular readers will recall that we recently featured Christian Pound. Reader interest in that article has been enormous so we thought that wife Sabine deserved a mention too!

On track to a career in art curatorship, French born Sabine changed course in 2004 to join husband Christian running the newly founded Ecso Group.

The move to creating objects has proven to be the right one for Sabine, who cherishes the thought that good ideas materialised into form can be shared and offered for years to come.

Her approach consists of striving to constantly outdo herself. Novelty is the filter through which she runs all new designs, and the justification for their existence.

We gave credit to Christian for the Presse bag but the truth is that they design as a team so here's something "from" Sabine, to balance the books!

Speaking of books....'Book' is a small leather bag with proportions that are roughly the size of an A4 sheet of paper.

A central satchel is nestled in a harness and two handles provide different carrying options (over the shoulder or across the body).

Book Bag BlackThe bag is available in four different colours with all components being individually configurable, leaving room for hundreds of colour combinations. Bottom line is that you can create a bag to suit your style, suit your mood and be almost totally individual (what are the odds?).

Dig deep into your pockets, however, as this is not a bargain basement bag but, then again, whoever said that the best things in life are free hadn't encountered the designs of the dynamic duo that are Christian and Sabine Pound!

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