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Magnetic Notice & Memo Boards

Appunto magnetic boardRemember the old days, long ago, when a notice board was a thin layer of cork often overlaid with felt? And those natty little pins with nasty coloured plastic covers? The epitome of style - or maybe not! And that is not even thinking about the times when the pins fell out and you ended up standing on one! Oh, for the good old days!

Thankfully times have moved on and now we have styish notice boards, made of cool stainless steel with magnets to keep your notices, memos, bills, reminders and photos in place.

Zack has a fabulous range of magnetic notice boards that look great and they work in both home and office environments.

percetto magnetic boardThey have two designs, the Percetto, which is a plain and simple flat board, and the Bucato, which has an accented design in the form of small holes or indentations. Both work equally well, the difference being down to personal taste, and they are each available in two sizes.

They work alone and they work in tandem. In fact, a number of advertisng agencies have effectively used them as tiles to create a completely magnetic wall, presumably for client presentations.

A slightly different take is the Appunto which also comes with an integrated paper holder - ideal for scribbling quick notes by the telephone or shopping lists in the kitchen!

Complete with all fixings (plus fitting instructions) these boards really work and certainly look the business!

Magnets are available separately in a variety of styles although the most popular, by far, is the Cult Magnet Set.

All available online from Proleno.

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