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International Design Awards 2008 - Winners Announced

The winners of the 2008 International Design Awards competition have been named. IDA exists to celebrate the World’s most visionary designers, discover new and emerging talent, and promote the appreciation of design worldwide.

Architects and designers of interiors, fashion, products, and graphics submitted over 1000 entries from 52 countries throughout the World, proving IDA’s global emphasis.

Among the many awarded categories, these are the winners of the Emerging Student Product Designer of the Year 2008:

1st Place: 'Loft' Chair by Shelly Shelly

Loft chairHandscultped, 'Loft' is a tangible example of the disappearing art of craftmanship in furniture-making: A solid walnut lounge chair with broad planar surfaces extending and merging into lean sinewed arms. The complex joinery is seamlessly fused, showcasing the character and structural qualities of the walnut.

2nd Place: 'Chopstick/Steamer Stool' by Ryan Horsman, Jason Dembski, Mary-Ann Ray, Robert Mangurian

Chopstick stoolThe goal of this particular project, taking cues from Chinese culture and its ability to make excess/waste useful, was to re-use everyday Chinese items in new ways. The Chopstick/Steamer Stool takes traditional bamboo steamers, thousands of disposable chopsticks and simple cushioning material, and combines them into a piece of furniture. The stool uses six bamboo steamers stacked vertically and bound. Peaking out of the top steamer are thousands of disposable chopsticks, accumulated in less than a year by a ‘one child policy’ family, packed together and standing on end. Serving as a middleman between the steamers and the chopsticks is a basic cushion. Although foam is ideal, the cushion could be made of anything from an old rickshaw seat to a pile of rags. The cushion allows the chopsticks to move independently under pressure and prevents them from falling through the steamer racks. When combined in this way, these fundamental Chinese items form a deceptively comfortable stool that can reasonably be made without spending a single yuan.

3rd Place: 'Crossed Fingers' by Hongtao Zhou, Eva Haviarova, Rado Gazo, Paul Rick

crossed fingersThe 'Crossed Fingers' is a simple, multifunctional and sustainable design to address the mobility of seating and racking, which is handy and flexible for usage and transportation. It is a design from two renewable, disposable and biodegradable materials: wood and fibre, manufactured with simple 2D CNC operations in 2 minutes. It is a design of one board with a material efficiency of 90-96% for mass production. Green life cycle, no tools/hardware required for assembly, simple and multifunctional and superior efficiency in material and energy.

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