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Magnetic Appeal

Zack's Magnetic Soap Holder has been a staple in the Zack product stable for a number of years and has always sold incredibly well, probably because it's arguably the most stylish magnetic soap holder in the world. I know because I have looked and for the most part everything else is simply cheap and tacky and probably wouldn't stand the test of time (or use!). Marino Magnetic Soap HolderThe Zack Marino Magnetic Soap Holder, on the other hand, is manufactured in 18/10 stainless steel which is the best quality steel available, has a brushed or satin finish, is elegant and simple to look at with sleek lines and shouts quality. Simply put, it is head and shoulders above anything that might consider itself to be competition. No wonder its so popular!

Savio Magnetic Kitchen TimerNow Zack has introduced a new magnetic product, the Savio magnetic digital kitchen timer. Mechanical kitchen timers have always been popular, as evidenced by Proleno's level of sales of them, so a move into "digital" will undoubtedly prove to be a success and judging by the number that were sold on the first day that the stock arrived at the Proleno warehouse we are confident that this new product will quickly move into Zack's best seller list!

As with all Zack products it is made from 18/10 stainless steel and the added advantage of being magnetic means that it can be used close to wherever it's needed and doesn't clutter kitchen work surfaces, great if space is an issue (or you happen to be a messy cook!).

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