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An Exhibition of Underwater Photography by Robin Conway

Underwater photography is a unique and challenging practice. With the spontaneous and unpredictable nature of the environment, the impossibility of ‘striking a pose’, and of course the never-ending desire to take a breath, it requires extreme skill and dedication.

With many years experience Robin Conway has become a master of these techniques, creating stunning images of a strange new reality. His ability to understand and anticipate his subject’s next move allows him to capture the most electrifying moments and expose the true beauty of these instances.

Conway PhotoThe resulting images are a depiction of breathtaking illusionism where human bodies appear to be floating effortlessly and peacefully through space. It is an alien world in which gravity and atmosphere no longer hold sway. Light effects, bubbles, and unusual shadows take us into a different reality which is not just created, but also discovered by the photographer.

Robin Conway’s work can also be considered as fashion photography: he is influenced by this industry, absorbing its techniques, adapting and developing them to create his own distinctive vision.

His exhibition runs at the Red Gate Gallery, 209a Coldharbour Lane, London from 24-30 April 2009.

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