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Fruity Bowl

Designed by Canadian Terence Cooke, Fruity Bowl is a refreshing and functional "reconsideration" of the tradional fruit bowl. Fruity Bowl sensually cradles fruit with 169 pliable silicone fingers. Its form is inspired by grass gently deforming to cradle ripe, fallen fruit.

Fruity BowlFruity’s fingers yield to protect the fragile fruit while providing air circulation extending its edible life and preventing bruising. The bendable fingers tempt the user to touch and interact with Fruity Bowl and enjoy its curious form and behaviour.

Fruity is made from an FDA-approved, food grade, silicone rubber. This material is commonly found on most kitchen tools in the market place today. Silicone has a very high melting point, is easily cleanable, extremely durable, and does not leech any harmful by-products. At 266mm x 266mm x 85mm, Fruity fits comfortably on your table or counter and provides enough room for your daily assortment of fruit.

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