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Measure Wall Clock

There seems to be a lot of design coming out of Turkey right now. This morning we have found the Measure Wall Clock, albeit still at the concept stage, designed by Istanbul based Burak Kaynak.

measure clockThe clock shows the time just like a measuring tape, has a central red line fixed in position whilst the numbers move from right to left and left to right indicating the time on a scale of 0 to 23. The additional part, to the right, moves in and out automatically from the housing although I haven't yet worked out what this is about and cannot see if this is intrinsic to telling the time or simply there to ad a bit of fluff!

measure clock bedsideAs you can see from the images, the clock can also double as a bedside table. Nice idea although how this might work in reality remains to be seen as, for me at least, opening my eyes in the dead of night to see the time wouldn't really work if I also had to skew myself into a position halfway down the bed just to see the clock face. We will see I guess.

I still like the idea!

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