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Pig Snout Cup

pig snout cupWith all the doom and gloom in the news I had to smile this morning when I discovered Netherlands based Freaksunited and designers Jorine Oosterhoff and Egbert-Jan Lam, two multifaceted designers; one a storyteller, the other an engineer.

They appear to specialise in quirky tablewear and unusual home accessories. In fairness, their offerings will only appeal to a certain niche market but that's fine - as the saying goes, "if we were all the same.... etc etc etc"

The item that caught my eye is their pig snout cup. Sat on the table it has a certain appeal but the fun starts when somebody drinks from it. Nothing awful happens. The cup works, so to speak, but it is sure to raise a smile in others!

Check it out! No idea where these can be purchased so if anyone does know please let me know!

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