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Time Poor in London?

ticking clockJust imagine how much time you could save if all your time-consuming tasks could literally be delegated in minutes from the comfort of your own home or office. Errands Plus in London is a one-stop errand delivery service that allows busy individuals and organisations to do just that.

Errands Plus was formed based on a keen understanding of the needs of busy individuals to reclaim time; and the pressures upon employers' to foster a more satisfactory work-life balance for their employees. Errands Plus uses a new and innovative web-based software to allow customers to easily arrange everything from dry cleaning to visa or ticket collection. In just a few clicks customers will receive a quote, delegate errands and make secure payments online. Ultimately, clients are given a wide variety of choices for delegating their errands including by telephone and email.

“We wanted to work with a system that would really save time for our clients. Many of them are busy professionals who spend every waking hour in front of one internet-enabled communication device or the other, and our web-based approach makes it very easy for them to delegate seamlessly...” says Oga Obianyor, the Managing Director of Errands Plus.

The Errands Plus model is unique. It has been developed around running errands in an intelligent, yet personalised way. It addresses the essential errand needs of organisations, as well as the more personal requests of time-poor individuals and their loved ones. Specific services include: grocery shopping, gift purchases and returns, item repairs or exchanges, queuing, prescription pick up and hospital errands, reminder services, house sit-in, and many more. They also offer customers the opportunity and flexibility of hiring dedicated errand runners for special projects and even for international travel.

It is no surprise then that an increasing number of people are accessing these services for themselves and their family needs. Human Resource professionals are also finding that the errand service is a rewarding investment for employee satisfaction and workforce retention.

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