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The Hottest Hue This Season!

The Slanket

The Slanket

The Slanket is never going to win any fashion week accolade, but by grabbing one of these super snuggly Slankets in rustic shades you can be bang on trend for Autumn.

Rich and juicy, the apricot Slanket bursts with colour. Apricots have always been jealous of the soft fuzz of the peach, but now with the apricot Slanket, the tables have been turned. Plump with colour and softer than the softest peach, the Slanket exceeds the best that nature's fruit has to offer. And Chocolate. Chocolate, what else is there to say? Great colour, caramel, peanuts and cavities not included.

Soft to the touch and lightweight, the Slanket is a warm fleece blanket with large, loose sleeves designed to keep you warm and cosy whilst relaxing on your sofa. Thanks to its "wearable" nature it'll keep you nice and toasty whilst the sleeves allow you to retain full use of your hands!

Swathing yourself in a Slanket means you can turn down the heating and stay warm all over without having to hide under the duvet with legwarmers round your arms. Brilliant. Simplistic and practical, it really is just a logical step forward from your standard blanket.

More details at although UK customers can purchase from, or any number of online retailers for just £34.95.

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