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SmartRads - Electric Central Heating That Doesn't Cost The Earth

Black SmartRad

Black SmartRad

SmartRads are Feature Radiators’ exciting new range of innovative electric radiators, recently launched at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show 2009, in Harrogate.

SmartRad electric radiators wirelessly link together to provide a centrally controlled electric heating system that is easy to install, easy to use and easy on the eye.

SmartRads offer zoned heating, which increases efficiency and cuts out energy waste by dividing the home into distinct heating zones covering different heating needs. Thanks to the SmartRad controller, each zone has its own time and temperature control, providing optimum heat only when and where it’s wanted. As lifestyles and use of interior spaces change, the zones can be quickly and easily altered.

Smart Environment – SmartRads are 100% efficient and being designed to provide targeted precision heating, Smart Rads use fuel economically. They are made in the UK and use electricity, the greener fuel. They are also noise free.

Smart Design – SmartRads ooze good design and quality finish, confirming that thermal comfort and good design are not mutually exclusive. The minimal timeless looks, compliment both traditional and contemporary interiors. SmartRads are available in a wide variety of finishes and sizes and sit very close to the wall.

Smart Savings – the figures stack up. SmartRads are well priced and with no pipes or boilers required, installation is quick, easy and highly affordable. SmartRads are maintenance free, economical to run (particularly in well insulated new-builds) and with no moving parts, they have a long life expectancy.

In the UK, heating isn’t a luxury item that can be cut to avoid going over budget towards the end of a build. For all warm-blooded house dwellers, it’s a necessity. Up until the advent of SmartRads, minimal set up costs and attractive stylish heating products were mutually exclusive. SmartRads design focuses on accessibility, practicability, usability, timeless good design and eco-friendliness.

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