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3 Simple Ways To Make Your Radiators More Efficient

One of our biggest household expenditures during the winter months is central heating and with the threat of a forthcoming gas shortage there are simple methods available to get the most from our radiators and enable us to turn use less energy.

The Radiator Booster will heat your room faster, save energy and reduce your heating bills. Simply place a Radiator Booster on the top of a standard domestic water filled radiator, plug it in, and away it goes. This ingenious and unique UK Registered design uses miniature 12-volt electric fans to suck the heated air from behind the radiator, firing it into your room far quicker than any natural convection in addition to reducing the heat losses through the wall behind your radiator.

Radiator Panels fitted to the wall behind the radiator make use of the heat that conventional radiators waste by reflecting the heat being radiated to the wall and bouncing it back in to the room saving up to 20% off your heating bills.

Aladdin Radiator Valves fit to your radiator and continuously automatically bleed it. They ensure that the radiator is performing as efficiently as possible all of the time by removing the trapped air. Saves energy & reduces fuel bills by keeping radiators air-free and hot to the top!

Aladdin Radiator Valve

Aladdin Radiator Valve

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