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Feeling a little SAD?

Lift your spirits with the Daylight Biobulb!

Daylight Biobulb

Daylight Biobulb

This time of year is not the most pleasant for everyone. The cold weather, long nights and dark mornings makes many of us feel low but the winter blues can often be a sign of a physical problem that affects millions of people every year.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a genuine mood disorder that many people suffer from during the winter months.

These seasonal mood variations are believed to be light related. Light, as we know, is essential for human health. Not only does sunlight help us produce vitamin D but it also appears to affect our mood and internal rhythms - such as our body clock.

Normal light-bulbs do not produce the same type of light that daylight does. The Daylight Biobulb produces a more natural light that can go a long way to lift the depression that affects so many people during the winter months.

The natural daylight producing bulb gives off three times the amount of natural light, or lumens, that conventional bulbs do. But this high output doesn’t mean they are not environmentally friendly, the Biobulbs are only 25W and work in a similar fashion to energy saving light bulbs – lasting for over 10,000 hours.

And even if Seasonal Affective Disorder doesn’t affect you, having a natural light source can improve mood, prevent headaches and give a more natural, softer feeling to your home in the evening.

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