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600 Acres Of Windowsill Space

...To Join The "Grow Your Own" Revolution.

600 acres of windowsills are ripe for transformation thanks to a new mini veg plot that turns fingers and small spaces green.


The Windowgrow

The clever new Windowgrow, from Greenhouse Sensation, launches in March. It has been specifically designed for use on windowsills and has a unique way of automatically feeding and watering plants that prevents over-watering and under-watering - even during holidays. Simply keep the Windowgrow’s integral reservoir topped-up and plants are provided with the water they need, when they need it.

The space-starved amongst us can now stop throwing envious glances at those with bountiful kitchen gardens and allotments. Whole meals can be grown on a couple of windowsills, with tomatoes, chillies, beetroot and chard all thriving particularly well along with the usual salad leaves and herbs, so there’s plenty of scope for us all to reduce the carbon footprint of our diets.

Experienced and novice fingers turn greener as a result of using the Windowgrow. The automated watering is more responsive to a plant’s needs than manual watering, it’s like standing over their plant all day adding teaspoons of water, and because ‘growers’ can see how much water has been taken from the reservoir they quickly develop a keen understanding of how the amount of water plants need differs according to soil dampness, plant size, light levels and weather conditions.

Emma from Greenhouse Sensation explained:

“Watering is notoriously difficult to get right and is the most common cause of many gardening problems, especially in a container like a window box. Our combination of clever automated watering, the Healthy Crops Guarantee and the Gardening Angels advice line all serve to get nervous growers started and to ensure that new and experienced grow your owners enjoy more successful harvests.”

Even the most nervous of wannabe growers can be eating home-grown crops in as little as six weeks. Just fill the Windowgrow with compost, add the seeds or young plants and keep the integral reservoir topped-up. The lid keeps the soil warm, so seeds get off to a head start, and the water level indicator warns when the reservoir needs topping-up.

The Greenhouse Sensation team is so confident that their Windowgrow enables anyone to grow their own that they offer an Incredible Edible guarantee. They promise that in the very unlikely event that a customer doesn’t raise a healthy crop they will provide free seeds and plant food as well as one-to-one advice to get them back on track.

More detail at or call them on 0845 602 3774

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