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Lightweight Lifesaver

Though dealing with being stuck inside a burning building is a very uncommon scenario, there is now an invention that could help you survive such an event. The Dang Jingwei Firescuba was conceived just for that very scary scenario.

A fairly basic design using a cardboard and carbon filter, it creates a pocket over your nose and mouth to allow easy breathing until the emergency services arrive.

Firescuba is designed to protect people from smoke inhalation in the case of a fire. It is low cost, easy to manufacture, and very thin, which makes it easy to distribute or store at appropriate locations.
firescuba 1
Though The Dang Jingwei Firescuba seems like nothing more than a French fry container, it is sure to give you those extra essential minutes of survival until the fire department arrives!
firescuba 2
Maybe this is something that all businesses, especially those in high-rise office blocks, should consider.

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