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Helsinki Design Week 2010

Helsinki Design Week Helsinki Design Week 2010 invites design professionals and the general public to a week of events centred around the theme of storytelling.

Now in its sixth year, Helsinki Design Week tells all the best stories behind the creations and processes involved in design.

The week-long series of events, exhibitions and publications is already a story in itself – a tale that communicates the message of design. Design is something for everyone, and it belongs to everyone. Design is important in our everyday lives, but it is also a strategic tool for competitive businesses.

Helsinki Design Week offers design professionals a unique opportunity to display their skills and versatility – and everyone can be a part of the story. Heads are already turning towards the future, and particularly towards 2012, when Helsinki will reign as the World Design Capital.

The story of design will continue into 2012 and on into the future...

Helsinki Design Week 26 August - 5 September 2010

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