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Subtle, Stylish and Understated Toilet Brush Set

Zack's master designers have come up with another modern classic, with the Caro Free Standing Toilet Brush set. The Caro is perhaps most notable for the square holes that cover the upper section of the brush housing, adding a unique look that sets it apart from the majority of toilet brush sets. But whilst being pleasing to the eye, these holes also help to dry the brush out after use.
Zack Stainless Steel Caro Free Standing Toilet Brush set
Constructed by Zack to the high standards the brand's customers have come to expect, the Caro will last for many years. And coming as it does in such a timeless form, it is sure to look as modern in decades to come as it does today.

Available now from Proleno, on the web at, on the phone on 0207 965 7199

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