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Tips For Moving With Children

movingMoving from one place to another; be it a long distance or to the next street, is so stressful and if it is with children it is even more stressful so. You will be having lots of things running through your mind, from finalising the new house, choosing a removal company, things to pack, what to give away, donate or leave. In this situation, children are also going through a lot of stress as they feel scared and excited at the same time. They are frustrated to be leaving their friends in the neighbourhood as well as at school. They are scared about how they will adjust to the new environment and excited to meet and make new friends. Their stress, added to your stress, makes you more stressed.

To make these things easier to deal with think of some ways that will help you with sorting out these things step by step using some sort of a moving checklist. There are a few tips and tricks to make this experience happen in a smoother way. Here is how to do that:


First thing to do is to sit down and explain to all the family members, especially the kids about the move. Explain why this move is so important, where you are going to move and when. Make them understand that this move is for a good purpose and they will have more advantages in the area where they are going to move than what they have now.

Get the kids engaged

Make sure you engage the kids as well in this moving process. Take them along with you for the new house hunt. Help them pack their own clothes along with things that will make them feel responsible. Have them design their own room, such as where to put their furniture and allow them to choose the colour for their room. When children feel that their opinions are valued in a big life change, it will help them to relax and become even more comfortable and confident with moving to a new environment.

Organise a goodbye party

Along with the children, organise a farewell party and invite their friends and some neighbours. This will help in bonding with the friends and neighbours and also the kids will enjoy sharing their addresses, phone numbers and email addresses with others, not least sharing their Facebook & Twitter details. This also helps them view their move in a positive manner.

General advice

1. When you are moving with children who are in school, make sure you move after the academic year is over. Moving in-between the years will stress the child more.
2. Make sure you create an environment that is the same as the previous house for your children. This creates a feeling of security in the family unit.
3. Always have some clothes, toys and food for the kids packed in a separate back-pack and carry it with you on moving day. This will be handy in situations where they get hungry or bored before you reach the destination or before you start unpacking in your destination.

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