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  • 3 Most Wanted Moroccan Interior Design Elements For Home Décor

    Casbah Decor

    When it comes to home décor, there is no scarcity of interior design objects in the modern world. However, when it comes to unique interior design objects, they can be rare to find and obviously will be very costly. Thankfully, there is a group of interior design elements which are unique and are very affordably priced. Moroccan styled interior design is fast becoming a great trend worldwide. Moroccan interior design has gained huge popularity since the renovation of the Riad traditional Moroccan house. You can bring the marvels of the Moroccan interior design to your home by wisely choosing the home décor elements.

    moroccan-theme-decorThe Moroccan Furniture

    According to expert interior designers, home décor without unique furniture will be incomplete. One of the main advantages of using Moroccan furniture in home décor is it offers great functionality combined with unique looks. The problem associated with most modern furniture is that they will have unique style but most of them will have zero usability. This disadvantage is overcome by the use of Moroccan furniture. Moroccan furniture gives great value for money. According to real estate experts, homes decorated with Moroccan furniture will have great face value when compared to others.

    The Moroccan Lighting

    Lighting is a critical part of home décor because proper lighting will greatly increase the beauty of the room. You will be well aware that ambient soothing lighting will make any home look peaceful and calm. This is where Moroccan lighting comes into play. You’d have noted that Moroccan home décor will enhance peacefulness. This is made possible with the help of the lighting effects cast by Moroccan lighting fixtures.

    Decorating The Bedroom

    When it comes to Moroccan home décor, the opportunities to decorate the bedrooms are unlimited. You can apply both Moroccan lighting and place some unique Moroccan furniture in your bedroom to make the room look beautiful and unique. To add to the beauty of the bed rooms, you can throw in some Moroccan lamps which are cheap.

    Bottom Line

    If you are looking for unique interior design objects, the Moroccan ones are made for you. Head out to a Moroccan home décor store and see the vibrancy by yourself.

  • Now That's A Good Idea

    Koichi Suzuno and Shinya Kamuro from Torafu Architects designed the 'Clopen' shelf, manufactured by Tanseisha. When pulled, a secret drawer appears, to store your valuables such as jewelry, stamps and passbooks.

    The shelf panel is constructed from elaborate aluminum parts, and at 34mm thick, it looks as if it's made of natural wood. Attaching sliced veneer to a thin structure, they made space between two boards which can be opened using magnetic keys. The impression of the shelf completely changes when its hidden aluminum space is revealed from within the sliced veneer surface.

    We haven't, yet, found anyone who stocks them for saleso if you sell them or know somebody who does please let us know.

  • This is a Fan

    This is a fanFrench designer Julien Carretero did a Master's degree at the Eindhoven Design Academy under tutor Gijs Bakker of Droog Design. He then worked two years with Maarten Baas before setting up his own studio in Eindhoven.

    Julien explores the possibilities of artisan creation in objects that are lively, vibrant and in constant phase-change.

    Computers, cars, ventilators... all use fans, which although usually hidden by a grating shield are components of many everyday objects. 'This is a Fan' proposes an alternative presentation of this device, which is as functional as it is discreet. A protecting cage designed as a case/support in which the fan is simply strapped suddenly brings it to life. Fragile and naked.

    The guideline of Julien's work is the production of objects considered as a process in perpetual development: alive and unpredictable.

  • Pierre Paulin

    Pierre PaulinI was sad to hear that designer Pierre Paulin, famed for his unusually shaped chairs and a favourite of presidents, has died at the age of 81 in Montpellier, south-east France. He will remain in all our memories as one of the major French designers of the 20th century. He leaves us with great classics, most of them produced by the Dutch company Artifort - 'the Tongue', 'the Ribbon', 'the Oyster' and many others.

    Pierre Paulin was also known for having created furniture for two presidents of the French Republic, Georges Pompidou and François Mitterand.

    Born in Paris on July 9, 1927, Paulin was influenced by Japanese drawing and American designers Charles and Ray Eames. This led him to create furniture which was simple, functional and hard-wearing.

    His cremation takes place today after a private ceremony in Nimes.

  • Crème de la Crème?

    I found these intriguing furniture pieces this morning. Stylish? Certainly! Comfortable? Most probably! Would I want them in my home? Not sure. For the garden? A resounding yes!

    creme sofaDesigned by Los Angeles based Stuart Fingerhut, Philadelphia born Stuart has an interesting background and an even more interesting website which takes the form of a "community" blog.

    Crème, the sofa - The taste of comfort has never been smoother! Crème is a refreshing change from the uncomfortable seating found at home or at the office. creme chairCrème’s soft curves and flowing form are fabricated from rotomolded polyethylene coupled with a rosewood insert that captures the beauty of nature. Crème is an eye catching and soothing form that invites you to sit and stay a while.

    Crème, the chair, or is it a stool? - Crème chairs capture the essence of the Crème couch while providing a seating element for individual use.

    Take a look at Stuart's website.

  • Brave New World

    This piece started out to talk about the Brave New World Lamp but, having now looked at the designers website, they offer so much more.

    brave new world lampHowever, firstly, the lamp! Marcus Beck and Simon Macro from Freshwest Design in Wales have designed this huge lamp for Moooi made of notched and pegged timber strips and two cast-iron counter weights. And when I say huge I do mean that as the lamp stands 1.8m high!

    The Brave New World Lamp started as a concept piece of random, thought-initiated, construction. Following the example of old Far Eastern bamboo scaffolding the Brave New World Lamp was developed without a design or plan in place however each piece of wood is carefully notched and pegged together to form an integral part of the overall mechanical structure. The limitations of using small pieces of wood to create a large form allowed the design process to be as responsive as possible. Much like a sculptures’ relationship to their material.

    OK, enough with the lamp. If you like the lamp you will love the Brave New World Table! I probably wouldn't want it in my house but I do "get" it nonetheless.

    contemplatesWhat about their Contemplates? A set of eight plates with individual images of anonymous figures collected from various Pembrokeshire beaches throughout a year. Each plate is based on an actual event with the time, date and beach location printed on the back of the plate! Fabulous!

    And then there is the "For Two Hours Only" fruitbowl where a small section of beach has been recreated, capturing a form that existed for just two hours. As with the plates, you will find the time, date and location on the back. Inspired and inspiring!

    Take a look at their website. You won't be disappointed!

  • Greener Grass and More from Cecilia Lundgren

    I've been taking a look at Swedish designer Cecilia Lundgren and her latest collection. Her work will be seen at Salone Del Mobile in Milan, 22 - 27 April but for those of us that can't make the trip here is a preview:

    Greener GrassGreener Grass: Her new sofa, Greener Grass, suggests that we can either look upon life from a rather greyish perspective – or from a more colourful one. We simply choose that for ourselves. It takes but a fraction of our lifetime to observe the furniture, though its design speaks of eternity.

    Mr BuongiornoMr Buongiorno: So often things in our daily lives things are not quite how we expected them to be! The aim of this piece was to interpret, with a wink, the philosophy of human life into a mundane object and thereby associating it with a character, all whilst it is preserving its original identity and function. Mr Buongiorno is developed by Cecilia Lundgren, Julia Bühler and Marten Helwig.

    VikaVika: Vika is a coffee table inspired by the Japanese paper folding art Origami, hence the name Vika means "fold" in Swedish. Even though the table’s shape is very complex, it is actually formed by a folded rectangle with one cut in each corner. Vika is made of white lacquered aluminium representing that the art of Origami originally used thin and fragile paper.

    passepartoutPassepartout: Passepartout is a shelf inspired by walls full of frames and paintings. The shelf contains different kinds of modules with magnets built-in on each side and this function offers endless and creative possibilities of matching and building the shelf according to the users needs, just like paintings on the wall - only the imagination limits the final effect.

  • Pig Snout Cup

    pig snout cupWith all the doom and gloom in the news I had to smile this morning when I discovered Netherlands based Freaksunited and designers Jorine Oosterhoff and Egbert-Jan Lam, two multifaceted designers; one a storyteller, the other an engineer.

    They appear to specialise in quirky tablewear and unusual home accessories. In fairness, their offerings will only appeal to a certain niche market but that's fine - as the saying goes, "if we were all the same.... etc etc etc"

    The item that caught my eye is their pig snout cup. Sat on the table it has a certain appeal but the fun starts when somebody drinks from it. Nothing awful happens. The cup works, so to speak, but it is sure to raise a smile in others!

    Check it out! No idea where these can be purchased so if anyone does know please let me know!

  • AMBERintheSKY

    Amber in the skyamber in the skyAustrian designer Thomas Maitz, working with Graz, Germany, based manufacturer, perludi, has introduced AMBERintheSKY, a space age bed cum play area.

    With its innovative design and the aesthetic character of natural materials, AMBERintheSKY has won over children and parents alike.

    Innovative construction techniques and quality workmanship are combined in the bed’s modern yet timeless, uncluttered design. The bunk/loft bed is made out of a newly developed composite material consisting of European birchwood and Austrian loden fabric – an unusual and innovative combination of materials for a completely new approach to furniture design.

    perludi's tag line is "great design for small people". Based on what we have seen so far, they seem to have chosen the perfect mantra!

  • Twig Wins Gold!

    ilio TwigWe featured designer H. Demir Obuz's Twig stool/chair combo back in October 2008 and we are delighted to hear today that the design has just won Gold at the iF Product Design Awards 2009.ilio black diamondilio forest

    Congratulations from us all at blog:proleno to the designer and all at ilio where a successful 2009 seems to be the order of the day given that they also won Red Dot Design Awards for their Black Diamond armchair designed by Sule Koç and their glass stemware set Forest, again designed by H. Demir Obuz.

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