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  • 3 Most Wanted Moroccan Interior Design Elements For Home Décor

    Casbah Decor

    When it comes to home décor, there is no scarcity of interior design objects in the modern world. However, when it comes to unique interior design objects, they can be rare to find and obviously will be very costly. Thankfully, there is a group of interior design elements which are unique and are very affordably priced. Moroccan styled interior design is fast becoming a great trend worldwide. Moroccan interior design has gained huge popularity since the renovation of the Riad traditional Moroccan house. You can bring the marvels of the Moroccan interior design to your home by wisely choosing the home décor elements.

    moroccan-theme-decorThe Moroccan Furniture

    According to expert interior designers, home décor without unique furniture will be incomplete. One of the main advantages of using Moroccan furniture in home décor is it offers great functionality combined with unique looks. The problem associated with most modern furniture is that they will have unique style but most of them will have zero usability. This disadvantage is overcome by the use of Moroccan furniture. Moroccan furniture gives great value for money. According to real estate experts, homes decorated with Moroccan furniture will have great face value when compared to others.

    The Moroccan Lighting

    Lighting is a critical part of home décor because proper lighting will greatly increase the beauty of the room. You will be well aware that ambient soothing lighting will make any home look peaceful and calm. This is where Moroccan lighting comes into play. You’d have noted that Moroccan home décor will enhance peacefulness. This is made possible with the help of the lighting effects cast by Moroccan lighting fixtures.

    Decorating The Bedroom

    When it comes to Moroccan home décor, the opportunities to decorate the bedrooms are unlimited. You can apply both Moroccan lighting and place some unique Moroccan furniture in your bedroom to make the room look beautiful and unique. To add to the beauty of the bed rooms, you can throw in some Moroccan lamps which are cheap.

    Bottom Line

    If you are looking for unique interior design objects, the Moroccan ones are made for you. Head out to a Moroccan home décor store and see the vibrancy by yourself.

  • Lampshade Bulb by Front for Booo

    Front was inspired by the long life of a LED lamp. Its burning time of almost ten years makes it possible to create a lamp you never need to change the bulb of. The inner dome softens the light and creates the illusion of a lamp without a bulb, blurring the boundary between lightsource and lampshade.

    booo studio presents an innovative collection of design lighbulbs by Front Design, Nacho Carbonell and Formafantasma at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan.

    booo studio is a new company based in holland and composed by an team coming from different fields and countries to work in between avantgarde design and mass production industry.

    LED lightbulbs is the first challenge and for the occasion booo studio have asked Nacho Carbonell, Design Front and Formafantasma, among the most interesting design creatives on the scene, to re-design our usual idea of

    The result of this research is two collection of lightbulbs one meant for the mass production and one more experimental and released in a limited edition.

    The main collection is designed to not need any additional lamp or lamp shade: the lightbulb becomes also the lamp.

    Thanks to the new LED technology development these designers have approached the design of a lightbulb in full freedom. They've created products which combine state of the art technology with revolutionary aesthetics.

    At the same time booo products are aimed to be perfectly produced in a mass production process in terms of costs and prices and it fits perfectly both the consumer and the contract market.

    booo wants to play a new role into the design industry as a connector between two worlds which has been separated for too long. At the same time booo develops new technologies inspired by the continuous interaction with the designers and patents them, like ‘Smartbulb’ an innovative system of remote controlling based on wireless technology.

    The Limited edition collection is intended to be experimental and we left the designers completely free to investigate the possibilities of LED even with the use of innovative and not conventional materials. The limited edition collection also represent the laboratory for future use of LED resources.


  • Atmospheric Tealight Lamp

    This stylish brushed steel tealight lamp from the Ilumo range by Zack is classy, simple and elegant. It draws the eye to its surroundings and is the perfect way to illuminate items you want on display. It creates a serene atmosphere and is perfect for romantic nights in.
    steel tealight lamp
    The tealight boasts a stainless steel base and an opaque glass shade. It is just 7cms high so is perfect for a side table in any room of the house. It will catch people's eyes, but at the same time it is subtle enough to give out atmospheric light without overpowering the desired ambience.

    Available now from Proleno, on the web at, on the phone on 0207 965 7199

  • A Leaf Of Light

    Designed by Valentina Trimani. A leaf of light. As thin as a page of a book, to enlighten rooms and tents, maps and books. Wireless, rechargeable, autonomous.
    light leaf

    With adjustable brightness, A leaf of light offers private or shared light, for those who read and travel everywhere.light leaf

  • Cool Kitchen Lighting

    Strategically placed, the Spout Lamp, from German based Russian designer Jan Schreiner, has to be the funkiest lamp so far this year.
    spout lamp
    Practical? Well time will tell but for pure fun and a great talking point the Spout Lamp has style in bucket loads!

    What a great talking point if used in, say, a contemporary kitchen diner.

    Take a look at Jan's website. It's a stylish site, as you would expect, and you can also see some of his other designs.

  • Patio Strip Tease

    With lighter nights and warmer weather on the horizon add an extra dimension to evening garden parties this summer with Edge Company’s new powder coated Strip Lanterns.
    Strip Lantern
    Available in a choice of hot pink or a rather debonair plum, these lanterns offer a fresh avant-garde feel to the garden and with the addition of a simple tealight, are guaranteed to bring the wow-factor. No matter how compact (or concrete) your outdoor space you can rely on the Strip Lanterns to bring pazzazz to the patio.

    Their purse friendly price-point makes them the ideal gift for any design-conscious friend or relative. Hand crafted from stainless steel, the lanterns are coated in a bright powder and nickel plating. Pop a little tealight inside and watch them glow!

    More details can be found at or you can call them on 01273 491391

  • Push-pin lamp by Sempé

    At Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010 (Feb 9th to 13th 2010), Wästberg launches a lighting fixture developed in collaboration with French designer Inga Sempé.

    Sempe Pin Lamp

    Sempé Pin Lamp

    This elementary lamp is meant to be as simple and solid as a nail or a push pin. As with traditional tool machine lighting, the mechanics are sturdy and long-lasting, with the aim of improving classical industrial elements: the clamp is inverted to offer a better way of using it.

    The lamp mixes solidity and lightness: a thin beam joins the two opposite pieces of the lamp: the heavy cast foot to a delicate shade.

    The lamp, called Sempé, features an LED solution, hand spun aluminum shade and steel beam, clamp or base in cast iron.

  • Feeling a little SAD?

    Lift your spirits with the Daylight Biobulb!

    Daylight Biobulb

    Daylight Biobulb

    This time of year is not the most pleasant for everyone. The cold weather, long nights and dark mornings makes many of us feel low but the winter blues can often be a sign of a physical problem that affects millions of people every year.

    Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a genuine mood disorder that many people suffer from during the winter months.

    These seasonal mood variations are believed to be light related. Light, as we know, is essential for human health. Not only does sunlight help us produce vitamin D but it also appears to affect our mood and internal rhythms - such as our body clock.

    Normal light-bulbs do not produce the same type of light that daylight does. The Daylight Biobulb produces a more natural light that can go a long way to lift the depression that affects so many people during the winter months.

    The natural daylight producing bulb gives off three times the amount of natural light, or lumens, that conventional bulbs do. But this high output doesn’t mean they are not environmentally friendly, the Biobulbs are only 25W and work in a similar fashion to energy saving light bulbs – lasting for over 10,000 hours.

    And even if Seasonal Affective Disorder doesn’t affect you, having a natural light source can improve mood, prevent headaches and give a more natural, softer feeling to your home in the evening.

    Avaialble from Greenstamp at or call 01637 854717

  • Candlepower and Christmas in Sterling Silver

    Candles and Christmas go together like…, well, candles and Christmas.

    Perhaps because it is a light that is both alive and natural, a candle in a room or near a window is all it takes to lift the gloom of a winter’s day. Suddenly, dark December is transformed into jovial Yuletide by the welcoming flicker of candlelight.

    Arum Lily Candlesticks

    Arum Lily Candlesticks

    Braybrook & Britten make candlesticks and candelabra using sterling silver. From traditional to modern (their designs have been exhibited at Goldsmith’s Hall) a good pair of silver candlesticks is one of those rare gifts that is practical, beautiful and totally unisex.

    Window Candelabra

    Window Candelabra

    A centrepiece for dining. An example of contemporary British decorative arts. A family heirloom. A symbol of life.

    Hallmarked British Designer Silver Candlesticks & Holders from £89 to £3,000

    More details can be found at

  • Cinderella's Revenge

    Cinderellas Revenge

    Cinderella's Revenge

    Terry De Havilland is the ultimate Rock & Roll shoe designer. His haute couture shoes are lusted after; they are desired. They adorn the feet of beautiful women. They demand to be presented to the world on a pedestal, as they are, timeless works of art. Fiona Gall also loves De Havilland's shoes and in their honour created this fantastical chandelier ‘Cinderella’s Revenge’.

    Fiona, designer of the Emerald Faerie bespoke lighting collections, has now created a chandelier that encapsulates the luxury, glamour, customized finish and detail inherent in both her and De Havilland's bespoke creations. ‘Cinderella’s Revenge' reinterprets the design of his shoes echoing and celebrating the glamour of the fabrics and adornments, the shape of the 7-inch heels, and the very tools used to make them. It amplifies their theatrical presence.

    Inspired by this extravagant homage, De Havilland returned the compliment and designed a pair of shoes especially for Cinderella’s Revenge. With heels and bespoke leatherwork in gold & silver iguana skin, these shoes now form the apex of the chandelier. Suspended beneath the crown, the spotlit shoes hang surrounded by a curtain of tubular glass, metallic chain, Swarovski crystal, and other carefully crafted details. Miniature magnifying glasses add an Alice-in-Wonderland playfulness allowing viewers to take a closer look, admire the craftsmanship, the signature metalwork with an 8-ft drop and fibre optic illumination. The chandelier is a towering altar to the love of shoes. Its tubular glass fringes cause light to subtly fade amidst a trail of luxuriously covered heels, all elegantly trailing along the floor.

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