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The Commuter Bike Comes of Age!

SwissBikeYou love the feel of a full size bicycle but you need a folding bike that is easy to carry around and folds into small places?

Why not have the best of both worlds?

SwissBikeSwissBike combines performance and portability to give you the most versatile folding bike possible. All SwissBikes are performance oriented bikes that fold. They can take on the most rugged trails or leisurely bike paths and at the end of the day, fold to stash with the rest of your gear.

SwissBikeBuilt for the streets, the SwissBike TX is designed with utility in mind. Smooth tyres with vibration dampening suspension make it the ideal commuter transport. Fast but comfortable, a great way to get to work, go shopping or even the coffee shop.

Small flat or apartment? Need to get it into a tight boot space? No problem! The TX folds down to a size that can fit pretty much anywhere.

We were impressed! See the folding demonstration.

One thought on “The Commuter Bike Comes of Age!”

  • Tom Johnson

    I saw one of these bikes in NYC. Nice looking bike! I didn't know that it folds until the guy folded it and put it in a taxi.


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