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Brave New World

This piece started out to talk about the Brave New World Lamp but, having now looked at the designers website, they offer so much more.

brave new world lampHowever, firstly, the lamp! Marcus Beck and Simon Macro from Freshwest Design in Wales have designed this huge lamp for Moooi made of notched and pegged timber strips and two cast-iron counter weights. And when I say huge I do mean that as the lamp stands 1.8m high!

The Brave New World Lamp started as a concept piece of random, thought-initiated, construction. Following the example of old Far Eastern bamboo scaffolding the Brave New World Lamp was developed without a design or plan in place however each piece of wood is carefully notched and pegged together to form an integral part of the overall mechanical structure. The limitations of using small pieces of wood to create a large form allowed the design process to be as responsive as possible. Much like a sculptures’ relationship to their material.

OK, enough with the lamp. If you like the lamp you will love the Brave New World Table! I probably wouldn't want it in my house but I do "get" it nonetheless.

contemplatesWhat about their Contemplates? A set of eight plates with individual images of anonymous figures collected from various Pembrokeshire beaches throughout a year. Each plate is based on an actual event with the time, date and beach location printed on the back of the plate! Fabulous!

And then there is the "For Two Hours Only" fruitbowl where a small section of beach has been recreated, capturing a form that existed for just two hours. As with the plates, you will find the time, date and location on the back. Inspired and inspiring!

Take a look at their website. You won't be disappointed!

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