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  • Get Ahead! Get a Hat!

    helmet hatDanish company Yakkay has developed a new bicycle helmet where safety and style are combined. With four individual hat designs currently available, each using a city theme as inspiration, you can define your own style based on personal taste, location or mood.

    A spokesman for Yakkay said " The main function of your bicycle helmet is to protect your head. But, that doesn't mean you have to compromise your style when wearing it. If you are among those who use your head, you are using your helmet, and if you are among those who appreciate looking stylish - you wear a Yakkay helmet!"

    Of course, whilst this is a new idea for the cycling fraternity, anyone who has sat on a horse will know that helmet covers have been around for a number of years!

  • Spice up your life!

    The Spice Boy grinder, by Oliver Hemming, seems to be drawing attention. The original wooden version was created by the British designer in 2000, followed by the coloured, acrylic version in 2004. The coloured Spice Boy recently caught the eye of Emily Leppenwell at the Sunday Times and is a winner of the 2008 Red Dot Award for product design.
    Spice Boy
    The Spice Boy is functional and versatile as well as being a bit of a looker. The wide bowl lets you easily fill with your chosen spices (anything smaller than a coffee bean) and the amazing ceramic 'crushgrind' mechanism won't corrode (even if you use it for salt). Yes, you can use it for salt or pepper - but why not let your imagination run riot and create your own special spice mix?

  • For commuters, 'One' bike

    'One' Bike Tom Owen is an up and coming new designer, recently graduated from the University of Derby. His prototypical 'One' Bike is a new take on the fold-up commuter bike incorporating some unique features. Since all the dirty bits are tucked away when folded, there's no risk of messing up that smart business suit. And for the more sedentary amongst us, it features an electric motor for power assist. It remains to be seen whether this striking design makes it to production, and then if it will do better than its predecessors. No doubt congestion charges could contribute to its success!

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