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  • What Makes A Microplane Grater So Sharp?

    The secret is in the Microplane patented process which uses chemicals to create extremely sharp cutting surfaces.

    microplane grater

    Microplane has launched its Gourmet Series. The original paddle-style grater has been enhanced in design and function with both the professional chef and home cook in mind. Handsomely crafted, the high-performance Gourmet Series features 7 grating options: Fine, Coarse, Medium Ribbon, Extra Coarse and Large Shaver. And for 2010 there is now the Star Grater, ideal for grating hard cheeses, zest citrus, garlic, ginger, nutmeg etc. and the new Ultra Coarse model, perfect for hard and soft cheese, cabbage, potatoes and apples.

    The Microplane Story. From woodworking to the kitchen…

    By now, cooking aficionados worldwide are familiar with the story: The big moment came in 1994, when a Canadian housewife was making an orange cake. Out of frustration with her old grater, she commandeered one of her husband’s favourite woodworking tools. She slid the orange across its blades and was amazed: Lacy shards of zest fell from its surface like snowflakes. The discovery that the Microplane woodworking tool could effortlessly produce the lightest orange zest one could imagine, laid the foundation for the success of the Microplane® kitchen graters.

    An entirely new product line of graters for home cooks and professional chefs was introduced. The response was extraordinary. It earned them a permanent space in home kitchens and restaurants around the world, and made them a “must have” kitchen grater. Since that time, Microplane® graters have distinguished themselves from other graters through decades of experience developing an expertise in the patented chemical process used to create ultra sharp cutting edges. Unlike stamped graters, Microplane graters effortlessly cut through hard and soft foods without tearing or shredding.

    As the inventor of this special manufacturing method, Microplane revolutionized kitchen graters, and found enthusiastic support from professional chefs and domestic cooks.

    Microplane, available now from Proleno, on the web at www.proleno.com, on the phone on 0207 965 7199

  • Cool Kitchen Lighting

    Strategically placed, the Spout Lamp, from German based Russian designer Jan Schreiner, has to be the funkiest lamp so far this year.
    spout lamp
    Practical? Well time will tell but for pure fun and a great talking point the Spout Lamp has style in bucket loads!

    What a great talking point if used in, say, a contemporary kitchen diner.

    Take a look at Jan's website. It's a stylish site, as you would expect, and you can also see some of his other designs.

  • Zack Panas Bread Board

    The Panas bread cutting board from Zack is a triumph, giving a two-tone dual feel of the warmth and natural earthy feel of wood alongside the slick and sleek designer feel of cool stainless steel.
    Zack Panas Bread Board
    Finished in Zack's trademark brushed 18/10 stainless steel with a natural wood slatted insert, it has a width of 38.0cms and a depth of 25.0cms. It looks stunning and does its job admirably.

    Available now from Proleno, on the web at www.proleno.com, on the phone on 0207 965 7199

  • Rotating Nespresso Capsule Holder

    Zack Tondo Rotating Coffee Capsule Holder The Nespresso story began 23 years ago with a simple but revolutionary idea - to create the perfect cup of Espresso coffee with exquisite crema, tantalising aroma and full-bodied taste - just like skilled baristas.

    As the worldwide pioneer, Nespresso redefined the way coffee lovers around the world enjoy their Espresso coffee through a unique combination of premium quality Grand Cru coffees, smart coffee machines and exceptional customer services.

    And now, to complement this truly huge international phenomenon in coffee, Zack has designed and released its Tondo Rotating Capsule Holder.

    Nespresso machine owners clearly demand the best and Zack is no slouch in providing just that in all of its designs and products with the Tondo being no exception.

    Outstandingly stylish as well as brilliantly practical. True Zack design expressed in this rotating Nespresso capsule holder. It will look fabulous in any kitchen standing proud next to the Nespresso machine.

    Available from Proleno, on the web at www.proleno.com, on the phone on 0207 965 7199

  • AMT Gastroguss - Probably The Best Pans In The World Today!

    Featured today, The Non-Stick 26cms Frying Pan from Gastroguss.

    Gastroguss 26cm Non-stick Frying Pan

    Gastroguss 26cm Non-stick Frying Pan

    The 26cms frying pan from Gastroguss is ideal for searing lamb chops, frying up tasty country potatoes, is excellent for sealing beef and works a treat when creating a mixed grill!

    This good sized pan is great for low fat or even no fat frying. We don't think you will find a better frying pan anywhere, other than the different sized pans in the range of course!

    Main features include its solid and heavy build quality with a securely attached handle. Easy to clean is an understatement. I can rave about this for hours but you won't really understand just how easy they are to maintain until you try one!

    Today's featured pan is 26.0cms in diameter with a depth of 5.0cms. The extra thick and absolutely flat microfine turned base offers optimal heat transition & distribution and complete hob contact. The high quality coated surface also makes it completely ovenproof to 260 degrees.

    Available now from Proleno, on the web at www.proleno.com, on the phone on 0207 965 7199

  • Zack Storo Silicone Pot Holders

    It's always the same, you take a hot roasting tray from the oven or a pan from the hob and you need to set it down on your worktop and, unless you are a Delia in the making, inevitably you are then scrabbling around looking for something that you can place it on. The trivets are in the drawer, the breadboard has bread on it. We've all been there, we've all done it.

    Rescue is at hand with the fabulously simple and very stylish Storo Pot Holders from Zack.

    Zack Storo Potholders

    Zack Storo Potholders

    Manufactured in silicone, pliable and ribbed for extra grip, they come in sets of two holders along with a self-adhesive brushed steel hook on which to hang them when not in use.

    Zack is synonymous for it's elegant simplicity of design paired with a robust manufacturing process whilst retaining it's renowned designer style.

    Storo Pot Holders from Zack, a must-have kitchen accessory.

    Available now from Proleno, on the web at www.proleno.com, on the phone on 0207 965 7199

  • Cool Steel Centro Bread Bins

    Recently introduced by German company Zack is the Centro Bread Bin. Available in two sizes to fit in with your kitchen worktop space and bread storage requirements the Centro series brings 21st century design and a contemporary aesthetic together with this quality product.

    Zack Centro Bread Bin in stainless steel

    Zack Centro Bread Bin

    Finished in top grade brushed stainless steel with a front opening hinged lid this sturdy bread bin allows full and easy access, so often a failing in lesser designs, so that the entire interior can be fully utilised.

    We think this will be a winner!

    Available now from Proleno, on the web at www.proleno.com, on the phone on 0207 965 7199

  • Cera Canisters From Zack

    A recent addition to the Zack product range is Cera, a selection of kitchen storage canisters that are bound to score a hit with the style conscious.

    Zack Cera Kitchen Storage Canisters

    Zack Cera Kitchen Storage Canisters

    A replacement for the now discontinued and very popular Vivace range, these new and updated Cera versions will brighten up the kitchen and adhere to the Zack philosophy of combining style with form and function.

    Immediately available are the coffee, tea and sugar canisters as well as a selection of unmarked canisters that are ideal for storing rice, pasta and spices.

    Coming soon is an expanded selection of items from the same range and these include a sugar dispenser, a parmesan/sugar pot, a cream or milk jug, an icing sugar shaker as well as the ever popular sweetener dispenser. All of these additional items wil be available from Proleno in the next few weeks. So start your collection now. Looks like it could be "all change" in the kitchen this spring!

    Available now from Proleno, on the web at www.proleno.com, on the phone on 0207 965 7199

  • Zack Astello Wall Mounted Kitchen Roll Holder

    Swivel action wall mounted kitchen roll holder from Zack's Astello range. This high quality and sturdy kitchen paper holder can be wall, cupboard or under-worktop mounted making it a useful and attractive edition to any kitchen, especially where worktop space is limited.

    Zack Astello Kitchen Roll Holder

    Zack Astello Kitchen Roll Holder

    Manufactured from 18/10 brushed stainless steel with Zack's famous stamp of simple elegance sitting comfortably alongside it's neat and chic feel it is designed for use with premium brand kitchen rolls. Supermarket "own label" kitchen rolls are generally shorter than premium brands and, as such, are unlikely to fit it. All premium brands will fit this item.

    Available now from Proleno, on the web at www.proleno.com, on the phone on 0207 965 7199

  • Zack Sopra Stackable Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Smaller kitchens, galley kitchens, bachelor pads and bedsits, they all generally suffer from lack of space. The Sopra Stackable Salt & Pepper Shakers from Zack may not solve all the home's space problems but they go some way to freeing up a bit of table or worktop space without compromising on style and design.

    Zack Sopra Stackable Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Zack Sopra Stackable Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Manufactured from brushed 18/10 stainless steel they are elegant, contemporary and ooze European style.

    Available now from Proleno, on the web at www.proleno.com, on the phone on 0207 965 7199

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