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  • Art Inspired Heating For The Bathroom

    No stranger to introducing innovative heating products into the UK, Channel Islands and Ireland, Aestus is set to wow homeowners, interior designers and specifiers alike with its latest model to launch from the exciting Hotech collection: ‘Table’.

    Aestus Table Radiator

    Aestus 'Table' Radiator

    Crafted from 8mm thick Aluminium, ‘Table’, at a glance looks more like a piece of expensive art work than a heating appliance. By possessing the freedom to express shapes behind the normal functional obligation, Michele Casassa was able to design a truly original, statement-piece radiator.

    With a cut-out slot on each side, ‘Table’ will also fulfil practical requirements, providing families with the chance to maintain fresh, dry fluffy towels throughout the year.

    This conversation piece produces brilliant warmth with an output of 565 watts and is suitable for connection to central heating circuits only.

    ‘Table’ measures 180mm high and is offered in two widths; 500mm and 600mm. Available in most RAL colours in addition to a further five luxury finishes including brushed, satin or feathered Aluminium and Copper and Silver Leaf, ‘Table’ retails from £3,120 including VAT.

    For stockist details or further information, contact Aestus on 01902 387 080 or visit www.aestus-radiators.com.

  • Sleek and Unique 'Stradivari' from Aestus

    In response to the current trend for chic, minimalist interior design, leading radiator and towel rail company, Aestus, offers Stradivari to the style savvy consumer.

    Stradivari radiator

    Stradivari radiator

    With a truly individual design, Stradivari makes heating any room within the home a style-led process. While its stainless steel exterior lends well to contemporary environments, a ‘satin’ finish creates a soft and welcoming ambience.

    Designed by Italian Architect Luca Scacchetti, Stradivari is formed from a series of rectangular panels with strategically placed cut-outs resulting in a sculptural piece adherent to piano keys.

    This wall-hung radiator can be positioned vertically or horizontally and is available in a choice of three sizes. Stradivari is suitable for both central and electric heating systems.

    Prices start from £6334.00 including VAT.

    For stockist details or further information visit www.aestus-radiators.com

  • Looking for Fantastic Value Electric Radiators?

    Smartrad launches officially on 1st September 2009.
    This range of electric radiant panel radiators not only look fantastic in white, brushed stainless steel, glass and mirror finishes, they can be linked wirelessly throughout the house and, best of all, they are fantastically priced.

    With no need for a boiler, pipework and valves plus some big savings, I'm sold!

    Further details direct from Feature Radiators.

  • Will A Towel Rail Heat My Bathroom?

    Do heated towel rails function as radiators or do I need to install additional heating in my bathroom?

    Yes, you can use a heated towel rail as the only heat source in your bathroom, provided it gives out enough heat.

    Towel rails fall into two categories: those used solely to warm towels (where a separate radiator is used to heat the bathroom) and those used to both warm towels and heat the bathroom.

    All too often, people swap their bathroom radiator for a towel rail, without taking account of heat output. This can result in warm towels in an otherwise cold and miserable bathroom – especially in winter! With a bit of expert advice, this scenario can be avoided. Once you know what heat output your bathroom needs (your plumber or radiator specialist can work it out for you) then it’s a case of matching this to the right heat output.

    Seta Towel RadiatorIf your bathroom is compact and well insulated, you shouldn’t have a problem in finding a towel rail that will heat your bathroom adequately. If your bathroom is large and not well insulated, most towel rails will not have the capacity to keep your bathroom warm, or may need to be ridiculously big in order to give out enough heat. The good news is that the radiator industry is finally responding to this problem. There are now several stylish and compact towel rails on the market, designed to maximize heat output with integral hanging rails.

  • Feature Radiators - One of the Fab Five!

    Twister RadiatorRecently mentioned Feature Radiators has been voted as one of Channel 4's "5 fave things" from the National Homebuilding and Renovating show.

    On the Channel 4 website, design expert Rich Payne says:

    "This stand caught my eye for their show-stopping collection of contemporary radiators. They had seemingly limitless desirable designs, and their staff informed me they provided heating devices for the Big Brother house."

  • Cast Iron Radiators - Reproduction vs. Reclaimed

    Etonian RadiatorsA quick Q & A session with Phil Jackson, Managing Director of Feature Radiators.

    Q: I am looking for cast iron radiators for my Victorian property but don't know whether to go for reproduction models or reclaimed. What would you suggest?

    A: There are pros and cons for buying both reproduction and reclaimed cast iron radiators.
    I have set out below the main points to be aware of.

    Reproduction Radiators:-

    § should come with manufacturer’s guarantee

    § should be tested to European standard EN442 (this provides assurance that the product has passed rigorous testing and is deemed fit for purpose. EN442 is also verification that the heat outputs stated are accurate).

    § can be built to order so:-

    i. you can specify the right size radiator for your room, in terms of both heat output and dimensions.

    ii. you can easily obtain matching radiators in the correct sizes for use throughout the house (achieving this using reclaimed radiators would need a lot of good luck and patience).

    § are the easier choice - radiators arrive on site (in primer or painted finish), ready to plumb in.

    Reclaimed Radiators:-

    § can be picked up at low cost - but be aware of the extra costs (money and time) involved in renovating and transporting.

    § can be found in interesting and unique designs and can have a history (it is worth checking the recent history in particular; make sure reclaimed radiators have come off a working system and be sure they’ve been stored indoors to avoid frost damage).

    § do not usually come with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

    Warning – do not power coat cast iron radiators, reclaimed or reproduction, as the process can damage the seals between radiator sections.

    More information can be found about radiators in all shapes and sizes at www.featureradiators.co.uk.

  • Fin Radiators are Coming to a Home near You!

    Fin radiatorCT Radiators of Brighton, East Sussex, is launching a new type of domestic radiator based around a clever ‘fin’ design not previously available for the home. The ‘Interlinking Lattice Fin Technology’ radiator (patent pending) – part heating implement, part example of stunning contemporary design - will be unveiled at the ‘100% Design’ exhibition, taking place on 18-21 September, 2008, at Earls Court, London.

    After analysing the current market designs, Shane Mizra of CT Radiators developed a new fin technology ideal for use in the home, using his proprietary interlinking lattice fin technology.

    The radiators come in seven different (as yet unnamed) designs and are aimed at architects, interior designers and private clients. Made in CT Radiators' workshop in Fishers Gate, Brighton, using advanced welding and robot technology, they can be tailored to exact space and heating requirements and can also be vertical - which was previously inefficient with fin designs. All radiators will be available in mild steel and stainless steel. They are finished with a powder coating, in any colour.

    The fin radiator is Shane’s own ‘pet’ project, on which he has been working for the past two years. Trained as a coded welder – the highest qualification in the field – Shane has combined the traditional 100 year old craft with modern 3D technology to create a contemporary product.

    Shane Mizra says: “My designs have several advantages over standard fin radiators. For starters, 15% more heat is generated than by the closet fin rival, which is a clear advantage for those who care about their carbon footprint. Furthermore, the radiators operate efficiently in the vertical position and the technology is flexible enough to allow for some fine and funky bespoke designs. Combining the best of form and function, the radiators are an ideal adornment for any modern home.”

    The cost of a basic fin design is £2,000.

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